AT&T Opens Up FaceTime Over Cellular to All Tiered Data Plans


After opening up FaceTime over cellular to iPhone 5 customers on certain plans, AT&T has just announced today that they are now going to allow any iOS device that can use FaceTime over cellular to do so.

From the AT&T blog post, you can infer that AT&T’s concerns about lots of people using FaceTime over the cellular network being a problem were unfounded. So today’s expansion is good news for AT&T users:

As a result of ongoing testing, we’re announcing AT&T will enable FaceTime over Cellular at no extra charge for customers with any tiered data plan using a compatible iOS device.

This means iPhone 4S customers with tiered plans will be able to make FaceTime calls over the AT&T cellular network.  AT&T previously made FaceTime over Cellular available to customers with a Mobile Share plan and those with an LTE device on tiered plans.

Via: FaceTime Update

According to AT&T the full roll out to customers will be completed in the next few weeks.

Are you an AT&T customer with an older “qualifying device”? Can you use FaceTime over cellular yet? Let us know in the comments.

HT: 9to5Mac.

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  • Mark

    Doesn’t include the grandfathered unlimited plan though.

  • Kaz

    How about customers with unlimited data plans? Common sense would say if they are allowing tiered, obviously unlimited should be allowed as well, but you never know with AT&T, can anyone confirm?

  • Hellbus

    I assume this will not include uimited data users, huh?

  • Kevin

    How is this different than before? I thought they were allowing Tiered customers to use FT for the last month or two? It’s always been the unlimited customers that couldn’t use it. What’s different?

    • Tris Hussey

      Before it was only for LTE (therefore iPhone 5) and a couple other cases.

  • Kimk69

    No love for the unlimited data people. That sucks. When I bought my first phone I didn’t want an unlimited expensive plan at the time and was forced into it if I wanted an iPhone. I am glad I have it now but still. We had no choice but every year it seems we get new rules thrown at us. I really couldn’t believe it when they raised the data cap from 3 gigs of high speed to 5 gigs of LTE. Never would have though but at least we have that. 3 gigs was nuts. What’s that deushe bags name from AT&T, Eric Schmit or something, he won’t be happy until we’re all on the tiered plans.

  • Brian

    Don’t understand why they wouldn’t on the unlimited plans because you get throttled after some much data use, in which case you probably wouldn’t be able to use it.

  • GeSpot

    Think about it. They don’t want us on the unlimited plans. They WANT us to go ahead and move off the plans, so that they can nickel and dime us to death. Idiots.


    Need to change title seeing how its not all iOS customers. I have I’m on unlimited so I won’t get this service.

    • iPhone Hacks

      Updated the title to say to all tiered data plans.

      Let’s hope they open it up for unlimited data plan users as well.

    • Joe

      Jailbreak your phone and spend a couple of bucks on My3G. I’ve had facetime over cellular almost since facetime was introduced. I’m on an unlimited data plan. AT&T won’t open it up for unlimited. They want us all to go to tiered plans.

  • Lee

    I live at northern California and still not working for me

  • Steve

    Not for corporate AT&T customers either. Title is completely wrong.

  • rosebella822

    No they will never cater us unlimited users. It’s a given that they know we will take up a lot of data that they know they cannot charge us extra for like they can for tiered users when they go overWhy should we be treated differently?? Aren’t we the most loyal AT&T customers for staying on this long?? I’m not giving it up until they take it away from me. Damn they are just not fair!