Banjo Updates to Support iPad, Brings the Second Screen to Live Events

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The “second screen” phenomena is something I think we’re only beginning scratch the surface of with TV shows and movies. Banjo isn’t a newcomer, their second screen for live events originally came out for iPhone, but now it’s out for the iPad and Banjo is hoping the Superbowl will offer them a breakout success.

While Banjo (on the iPhone) was used during the U.S. Presidential Election by people watching results in the key (and deciding) state of Ohio, Banjo wants to make a big splash during the Superbowl brining more fans together during the game. Here’s an example from the Patriots-Ravens game from Sunday:

Jennifer Peck, Banjo’s Director of Engagement, tells us that during one of the games, she saw in the app someone post “ROW 4. @Patriots game. Happiest girl in the world.” She replied back “You need to add some pictures to your tweets :-)”, and the fan did so  – all witnessed through the app. During the Super Bowl on February 2, Banjo will make the stadium a trending place so that others can see what’s happening from the game at all times.

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Of course there is a bit of, will this pull people away from enjoying events they are physically attending or will it make being there more interesting by seeing all the activity around you.

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For sports events and other times when using your phone (or tablet) is okay, this might work. If you’re stuck at home watching the hockey game that is being played close by (but couldn’t get tickets to), you could enjoy it with your friends. Maybe being able to share a great goal or touchdown with your friends who are there—and all the other fans as well—might be a great connection to what you’re watching on TV or live.

Would you like to connect with your friends at live events like this?

Download link:

Banjo (free, universal)

Via: The Next Web

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