Microsoft Surface Tablet Hacked To Run Mac OS


You can file this under, “well, why not…”. After the Surface Tablet was jailbroken (which word is Microsoft is good with, hmm Apple), someone wondered if you could, oh, run a Mac OS on it. Yep.

From Geekosystem:

File under Things To Do Because You Can — make Microsoft’s new Surface tablet run a long out of date Mac OS. Dublin-based hacker Steve Troughton-Smith got a copy of Apple’s now antique Rhapsody OS running on a Microsoft Surface through a virtualization app. So yeah, this is more like an emulation, but it’s not an easy one, and we’re always willing to award point for creativity and amalgamations of hardware and software such as nature never intended, and this scores very high in both of those categories.

Yeah the jailbreak requires you to re-jailbreak after each reboot. And Rhapsody OS is…wow…ancient (1997 and the world between the old Mac OS and OS X), but hey, it worked.

A lot more can be said for some of my netbook Hackintosh experiments…

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  • JCT

    jailbreak? what dose jailbreak do for you the os is fully open to modifications so what will jailbreak do for you???? microsoft has never locked down an os they never cared to thats one of the reasons there are pirated versions of the OS.

  • Kraken

    This could have been an extremely interesting article, but you didn’t even bother to include the real story. Windows RT got jailbroken, Microsoft seems ok with it, and someone got emulation software running on it that can run x86 code (or PowerPC, it isn’t clear). This is big news worthy of an article on its own, even if it isn’t iOS related.

    The way you wrote it, it sounds like someone ran a PC OS under VMware on a Surface Pro or other Windows 8 pro tablet, which is easy to do, and not news at all.

  • Alex De Leon

    Yes, unfortunately poorly written.