Best Buy Putting MacBooks on Sale for Two Days Discounts up to $700


If you’re thinking about getting a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, now might be a great time. Best Buy is having a MacBook sale with up to $700 off MacBooks (range $85-700, most discounts about $200).

This starts today and is for two days only, but includes free shipping if you can’t get to a store and just want to buy online through Best Buy. Here are all the makes and models on sale:

Yes, the 17″ MacBook Pro is on sale and if you want that behemoth for your own, that’s the model with the $700 discount.

My own MacBook Pro (15″, late 2008) is getting long in the tooth. I keep having the iMac, MacBook Pro, Retina MacBook Pro debate over which would be the best long-term investment.

Which MacBook would be on your wish list to scoop up from these on sale?

Via: Cult of Mac.

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