Car Smashes Into Chicago Apple Store


In an epic “oops” and elderly driver drove a car into one of Chicago’s Apple Stores last night. One person, presumedly the driver, suffered minor injuries.

Generally when we hear about cars driving into Apple Stores the story starts with “Thieves smashed into an Apple Store…”, this however is not the case here:

An elderly person drove a Lincoln Town Car into the Lincoln Park Apple store this evening leaving one person with minor injures, officials said. Fire Department paramedics were called to the store at 801 W. North Ave. at about 6:30 p.m. this evening, said Chicago Fire Department Spokesman Joseph Roccasalva. Chicago police were on the scene and investigating the crash, said Chicago News Affairs Officer Joshua Purkiss. The driver was described as elderly, he said.

Thankfully the store was either closed or closing so it wasn’t crowded and there was only one injury reported. I love the quote from a 6 year old witness:

“I think it was driving too fast,” said Jack Dutton, 6

Ya think? Eek.


Photo from @ericingrum.

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