CBS and BBC Are Expanding Their Second Screen Offerings

I don’t think I’m alone in being excited about “second screen” tools for watching TV and movies. No, most second screen apps and offerings aren’t quite there yet, but it’s early days yet I think. Today CBS and the BBC have announced new and expanded second screen offerings that might not be your cup of tea, but are certainly a step in the right direction.

From CBS we’ll have CSI, Hawaii 5-0, and NCIS: Los Angeles and the BBC Antiques Roadshow. Adding an additional twist, an upcoming episode of Hawaii 5-0 will let viewers choose the ending of the show (through general social media, not an app, but still…).

What does this add up to?

2013 will be the year the second screen breaks into the mainstream.

Note I didn’t say “be really awesome” or “do amazing things”, no, those will come later, probably next year. Networks and studios will need to see that people not only like second screen connections, but want and use them before more investments will be made.

Just imagine being able to watch the Oscars and get more detail about the movies, actors, creators, writers…everyone…from an app. How about being able to buy or rent a movie while you’re watching the show? How about watching the Grammys and being able to buy the music that won the award right then and there.

See? Cool stuff. Stuff that I think people will get into. First, though, second screen apps and augmented programs have to break into the mainstream. I think this is the year it will happen. CBS and the BBC are one step towards that direction.

Who should be next? What show would you most want to use a second screen with?

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