Tim Cook: Cellular iPad mini Coming to China in Late January

ipad_mini-2In an interview given to a Chinese media outlet, Apple CEO Tim Cook has indicated that the cellular version of the iPad mini is heading to the country later this month.

Cook is currently on a trip to China, a region of extreme significance to Apple from a growth standpoint, where he’s met the country’s government officials, China Mobile’s chairman and Apple fans.

The Wi-Fi iPad mini launched in China a month ago, and saw “insatiable demand” with stocks selling out in both Hong Kong and Chinese stores. The Wi-Fi+Cellular model of the iPad mini and the iPad 4 gained regulatory approval from Chinese authorities a few weeks ago, indicating an impending launch. The regulatory approval permits the cellular version of the iPad to run on China Unicom’s WDCDMA and China Telecom’s CDMA2000 networks.

In his interview, Tim Cook added that he hoped the time taken by Chinese authorities to give regulatory approvals would go down, so that Apple could cut down on the delay between the US and China launches of iOS devices. He says that the company is working with the Chinese government to make this happen.

Any guesses on how well the cellular iPad mini would do in China?

Via: Tencent, The Next Web

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