New iPhone 6 Concept Inspired By iPod Nano

Federico Ciccarese has posted some concept ideas for the iPhone 6 inspired by the 7th generation iPod nano. There are some clear nods to earlier Nokia products and some bits that I think are confounding, but let’s hear what you have to say.

Here is a gallery of images from ciccaresedesign:






and a YouTube video that gives a little more insight into the design process and background:

Now the question is—what do you think? Radically different? Refreshingly retro?

Via Mashable.

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  • Todicamer

    Nokia rip-off. tha’s the lumia desigm

  • bunc

    It’s like LG’s L series mobile phone.


    The black looking is a killer, but I have enough of buying apple product because they look good. If they dont come up with some radical OS changes, Samsung will be next phone.

  • Andrew

    Could care less what the next IPhone looks like. They need to step up iOS. Maybe take some advice from pod2g and open it up to certain approved tweaks.

    • moe22


  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    The only thing I like about it is the black chrome finish. The rest looks like a new Lumia mated with an older iPod nano.

  • Brice

    The iPhone Mac!

  • BCSC

    Apple has sued themselves into a corner with their trade dress claims. Anything they create will now be compared to an existing phone and likely be called coping. If it doesnt look like an iPhone 4, it inst Apple original. This is kind of the problem when you make 1 style phone and all the manufacturers around you make 50 different styles.

  • Anand

    Apple Lumia

  • david arnttzen

    nokia design all the way.maybe a smoother 3gs design would be next?

  • Goze

    apple needs to focus on software not harware

  • chungpham2004

    “…inspired by nokia luma” would have been a more appropriate title.

  • katsuboi

    Really, already craving the next one? I haven’t been here in awhile, but why am I not surprised? Live a little, get a life, and stop obssessing about a phone you nerds.