Consumer Reports Dings the iPhone 5, But Why?

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Consumer Reports is, generally, the go-to magazine for unbiased reviews of consumer products and services. If you want to know what the best whatever you want is for the money, CR is the place to look. However, generally, CR has also been pretty harsh on the iPhone and other Apple products and the February issue is no different—Consumer Reports puts the iPhone 5 dead last for all major American carriers. The only question is—why?

Reported first by Business Insider and today by 9to5Mac, the February issue of Consumer Reports (which isn’t out yet) puts the iPhone 5 dead last compared to a slew of other other phones. The problem, however, is that we have no idea why the iPhone 5 ranked so poorly. None. Nada. Zip.

Could it be call quality? Could it be 4G speed? Could it be price per year amortization over the two year contract? The bottom line is that we have no idea why it ranked poorly and shouldn’t draw too many conclusions in the meantime.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the iPhone 5 is perfect by any means. Nor am I saying anything like “well people bought millions of them, so how can all of them be wrong…” to soften the blow. What is essential to understand is that Consumer Reports, although unbiased and nonprofit, does like to grab headlines when it reviews hot tech gadgets—especially Apple gadgets—and while I don’t think CR is just pandering to headlines, I think they certainly have built up enough buzz around these rankings that when the February issue comes out (shortly I believe), people are going to dive right in and see what the fuss is about.

Maybe it’s a key factor. Maybe it’s a nonissue. Maybe they didn’t get a secret decoder ring in their iPhone box and they are pissed. Let’s just wait and see what the full story is before we decide the fate of the iPhone 5.

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  • moe22

    isnt it obvious they are another company that was paid by either google or samsung lol

    • Tris Hussey

      That is highly unlikely. Their stance and independence has long been established.

  • Razr

    easy answer – it brought little to no innovation to the product over the previous one which goes the same for the 4S ie, nothing changed since 4 for the most part. The only decently “major” changes were the size, the 4G, and ANOTHER proprietary connector. Its attempt at ousting the competition with Maps was, putting it mildly, abysmal. As for its aforementioned changes these were implemented over its predecessors, all other competitors have already taken these steps ages ago. On top of that the tech in all of these other phones is faster, more advanced, and more feature-filled, even Siri has been outdone (lets not get into the obvious cost differences). Face it without Jobs and random loans from Microsoft – Apple is on the quick down slope.

    The major thing is their hubris when it comes to how “original” their tech is. These constant lawsuits have gotten out of hand and are completely bogus. I get the feeling that the jury and judge in the latest one were very biased indeed. To consider that Apple somehow created the design of a tablet or smartphone is ludicrous. The tablet concept has been around for ages and the smart phone has several iterations. Apple is so unoriginal and is trying to pull and Edison. Well this time the “Tesla’s” of the world won’t get run over by the current Edison. Too many people see what’s going on and are knowledgeable enough to say NO, to Apple’s B.S. (and if you dont know what I am talking about, look it up before you comment and make yourself look stupid).

    But, please by all means keep pretending that the last good product Apple made wasn’t the iPhone 4. Sheep!

    • Duck

      Oh, come on. You spent ten seconds stating your opinions as somewhat relevant facts and then spent the next five minutes going on a random rant about Apple, and you have the audacity to call US the sheep? So if we disagree with you, that makes us automatically sheep?

      The last good product Apple made wasn’t the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S was better than the iPhone 4. So was the iPhone 5. iPads 2/3/4 were better, as were a lot of Mac products.

      Disagreeing with you doesn’t mean that I’m a sheep, especially when you’re posting so much bulls**t.

      Look, you’re right about how the iPhone 5 wasn’t radically different from the 4S. But the SGIII wasn’t radically different from the SGII, and I doubt you’re bashing Samsung.

      “To consider that Apple somehow created the design of a tablet or smartphone is ludicrous.”

      They reinvented the smartphone and the tablet. Don’t be stupid. Just because they existed before, doesn’t mean that Apple’s products weren’t a huge step forwards. You think Ford’s cars were meaningless because they weren’t the first cars (not by a looooong shot)?

      And out of curiosity, do you bash any other companies for not inventing entirely new products and product markets?

      Disclaimer: I don’t mind bashing Apple as long as it’s for a GOOD reason. I actually do it myself quite a lot. But posting complete shi-lies will not get you anywhere.

    • mkimid

      Mostly, I agree with Razr.

      The most customer of APPLE product have an expectation as an innovation feature to lead the smart phone market.
      Every release of iPhone original/3/4 has some kind of big innovation to lead the market. but, in i5, there is no specialty to fill the customer’s expectation.

      Increase the screen size ? even it can shows more information in a screen, but, it can not shows the bigger information. and, many of software can not support i5 yet.

      faster ? yes, everybody wish to get the fast machine, but, no need to get the speed on the most of apps.

      LTE ? yes, it is one of great thing. but, competitor’s phone also have already. even it is a big changes, but, not enough to appeal to the customer.

      Thin and light ? yes, it is big changes also. most of customer use a protection cover (thickness and size is meaningless). but, weight is very questionable.

      KEY is .. WHAT IS THE NEW ? not just compare with i4. you should compare with the other phones. WHAT IS THE NEW ????

      The previous version has something unique.

      but, now ?

      Why I should buy i5 instead of Optimus or Galaxy ?

    • nik

      block of crap. not even going to read this. i really dont care about your opinion. i am very happy with my iphone 5 and i truly believe there is nothing else to be added to this perfect, flawless OS.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      People tend to put too much stock in “cool” and overlook important things like “reliable”, “stable” and “fully integrated”.

      “ZOMG I can’t has NFC?! Apple phailz at everything!!!” Failing, of course, to realize NFC implementation on the retail end is sparse and to MANY consumers a risky innovation as it will ONLY be a matter of time before somebody invents an NFC scanner that allows them to walk around and steal your info.

      “Android has teh widgets. Widgets FTW! Apple is sooooo lame!” Failing to realize, of course, that widgets are a MAJOR battery and data drain. Sure, some of them are “cool”, but if I really need to know the weather, I can take the 1.2 seconds it takes to open WeatherBug.

      “But Samsung haz teh phonez wit 6.9 inch screenz!!!! iPhone screen is TINY! LOLZ!” Failing, apparently, to realize that for MOST consumers, one-handed operation is a luxury they appreciate. Also, device weight and bulk matter (this is BY FAR my #1 criteria when choosing any electronics device) and the iPhone is LIGHT and THIN, while still offering faster processing speeds than any other phone.

      Read that again: LIGHTER, THINNER, FASTER.

      (Yes, I am aware that there is a thinner phone, and maybe one that is lighter, but they are also SLOWER. The iPhone 5 is the most well-rounded as far as the complete package goes).

  • Ashton

    everyone chooses a side, the indepedent newspaper in Britain has long claimed to be as the title suggests but actually always falls on the side of one political party or another, its human nature to chose sides, and with the money that samsung and google are throwing around at the moment, i’m not surprised they are biased. My company have just been paid millions by samsung to push there products over apple.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      Best Buy? Or AT&T? I’ve heard both were paid handsomely to push Android over Apple.

  • Fshumayrqan MacDonald

    its paid by google and Samsung. its just a waste of money.

  • Ross Peter Nelson

    I assume that the Feb article is just a snapshot review, since they did a full smartphone rundown in the December 2012, and the iPhone was far from last. It was 3rd of 13 under Verizon, 2nd of 6 under Sprint, and 2nd of 15 under AT&T.

    I’m guessing the February update is simply the “top 3″ for each of the carriers with a couple of new models added.

  • Brandon

    Here are my 2 cents. I owned the first 3 Iphones, the first 2 ipads and a mini, and a android droid x, Samsung galaxy s3, and a slew of terrible android tablets. I love both ecosystems. I would agree that apple has changed the industry about how we use phones and tablets. I would also agree that with some that until ics/jelly bean that android was pretty bad. They had a lot to learn. I do think that android can finally compete with ios. Say what you will about Samsung, but they brought a lot of great features to android. They are bringing a lot more with the premium suite coming out soon. Android brings options of screen size and resolution. Apple got things right when they released the Iphone and ipad, but not that has changed software wise since the beginning. Hardware will get better every year no matter which platform you use. I think apples current problem is that they are maintaining current standards instead of innovating. I agree Samsung has ripped off apple in the past, but if you look at the gs3 or the note 2 they are radically different. The catch 22 is that apple has been put on such a high pedestal that if they release something that isn’t absolutely perfect they they will/have been torn to shreds. I don’t know how to fix it, but I fear that any new change to ios 7 will get so picked apart that apple resists releases new software innovations. They have always been slow. I didn’t get mms on my Iphone for years.

    So to finish my add rant that is all over the place here is what I would do to make apple better.

    Utilize the cool jailbreak features and implement them. Sbsettings is a must, as well as customizing the lock screen. The recent app drawer could be fixed as well.

    The ability to set other browsers, mail, keyboards, as your default.

    Make a game pad for ipad/apple tv. Make the game pad clip in like gameklip for Android. Push out to developers early.

    I probably forgot some things. Oh well.
    /end rant

    • Brandon

      Also learn from Motorola on how to make the outside of a phone. I dropped my droid x probably 20 times and it never broke.

  • hughjaas

    Dead last? It is 1 point away from being in 2nd and 2 points away from being in first.

  • meh

    easy answer for all u ppl. iphone 5 is at the bottom cause of teh lack of a jailbreak makes it useless…..

  • PebsUK

    Maybe it’s something to with it’s extremely poor wireless coverage, iPhone 5 doesn’t work in situations where my 4s did, and also very poor telephone reception, same thing applies 4s did better. Perhaps its time to accept the iPhone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!!

  • razielpr

    iPhone 5 is just a expensive piece of junk just like ipad 2,3,4 and mini just the first ipad was revolutionary. apple just likes to squeeze money out of the pockets of their fans because they are blind and dond see they are selling the same junk over and over apple products are just recycled from their first iphone ,ipod touch and ipad.

  • Zul

    easy… the connector change on the iPhone 5 is what lost it points. Simply that if you get a new iPhone, your old accessories will not work out of the box with it.