Cycloramic Updated With Hands-free Panorama Capture

cycloramic-ios-appWe were pretty impressed with Cycloramic’s iPhone app when it first came out. The idea of using the iPhone 5’s vibration motor to spin the device hands-free was really cool, but the lack of shooting still image panoramas was disappointing.

With today’s 2.0 update, Cycloramic adds Panorama capturing abilities to the app.

The app does a decent job of shooting images and stitching them into a panorama without any manual assistance. It also automatically adjusts exposure and switches on flash when needed. The good part of shooting panoramas using this app as opposed to others is that there’s no scope for vertical misalignment.

While the charm of using the app’s panorama mode is along with the self-rotation, Cycloramic also lets you shoot panoramas using the “guided mode,” which is basically how you’d shoot panoramas manually in any other app. The app displays indicators and plays sounds to let you know if your iPhone’s movement isn’t in line with the panorama.

There are also improvements to the app’s video shooting capabilities.

The update is free to existing owners and is available as a $0.99 purchase for everyone else.

Download link:

Cycloramic – $0.99