Cydia Developers Scramble To Update Their Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks For iOS 6.x


With the launch of the untethered jailbreak for nearly all iOS 6.1 compatible devices imminent, which could be released as early as this Sunday, the Cydia developers are scrambling to get their jailbreak tweaks and apps ready for the big day.

A number of prominent Cydia developers have announced that their jailbreak apps and tweaks now support iOS 6 or later or will support shortly.

Yesterday, Filippo Bigarella released new versions of his jailbreak tweaks PasswordPilot Pro, CleverPin and UnlockFX support iOS 6.x. He also released a beta version of Sprintomize 2 – one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks on Cydia for beta testing and expects it to be released shortly.

Intelliborn – developers of IntelliScreenX and MyWi have also announced that they will be releasing new versions of their jailbreak apps shortly with few new features.

While most jailbreak tweaks do not need support for iPhone 5’s taller display, it remains to be seen if Cydia developers will be adding support for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G. Jay Freeman aka saurik – founder of Cydia has pointed out on reddit that it may not need a lot of effort to update tweaks for iPhone 5’s display.

Usually new firmware causes more serious problems than new hardware; in the case of a slightly-taller-but-still-largely-the-same-thing screen, most packages in Cydia don’t really have normal “app” UIs: they are extensions that modify functionality of other things, and so aren’t affected. The main things that come to mind are things like biteSMS, WinterBoard, iFile, and Cydia itself, all of which are trivial modifications to take up the new vertical height (in fact, for at least WinterBoard, iFile, and Cydia, I believe it is just “throw a new Default.png in the folder and you’re good to go”, as they all do programmatic layout).

Instead, it is more “not much stuff works on iOS 6″ that is the key problem, but that is always the case when a new jailbreak comes out. If anything, that will be less the case this time than in previous cases, as many developers that work on the “harder stuff” have been working on upgrading their software anyway for iOS 6, as there are already jailbreaks for it on other devices.

Optimo – the guy who runs BigBoss repo points out that home screen, lock screen, switcher tweaks and some themes may need to be updated for iPhone 5’s taller screen.

Nevertheless, things seem to be falling in place for the big day. Let us know which jailbreak tweaks you plan to install when the untethered jailbreak is released in the comments below.


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  • Trigg76

    Can’t wait to get bitesms back again!

  • bdone

    can’t wait to…oh wait, my phone is just fine with the old google maps and all my working and debugged tweaks. can’t buy a new iphone because they will take away my true unlimited data and throttle me after 5 gb…i just can’t wait for this tweak because i can finally get the ipad mini, but then again, the retina one comes out in march, and by then this jailbreak will not be possible because apple will patch before new ipad mini…so ill just make money off this one, helping people get into the jailbreak world and discovering the true potential of their devices–and compile a perfectly balanced list of compatible apps for the new os–then, ill sit back and wait for the first retina, white, 32gb, LTE, iPad Mini with a Lifeproof case that i can get my hands on and jailbreak it!

    • Sscamaro2000

      I dont know where your getting your info from but ive upgraded to EVERY iphone and i STILL have my unlimited data. Matter of fact my brother got on my plan and he had it too, we use our phones heavily and still dont get capped. So stop cheating urself

  • marven

    istreamnet, i hope they updated the app for iphone 5

  • Gustavo

    Tether me is the key app to have installed!

  • I003166

    Hope my favorite foldericons is updated as well as bosspaper :)

  • StinkyNuts

    Scrambling?? What have they been doing all this time?? Setting on their hands? Working on that coffee table book?

    • UngratefulSOB

      No, working hard so that your sorry a** can sit behind your greasy computer screen and b*ich.

      • StinkyNuts

        name calling? greasy? come on now. We’re paying for these apps. They should be updated 5 MONTHS LATER!

  • Hierojux

    Winterboard, activator, snes9x, mewseek (although I’m sure it won’t work) 3G unrestictor, photoalbums +, and a bunch of others I can’t even remember anymore.

  • PasserBy

    ‘Intelliborn – developers of IntelliScreenX and MyWi have also announced that they will be releasing new versions of their jailbreak apps shortly with few new features.’

    Sadly I read this as they will release a new chargeable version rather than update their previous version which people have already paid for.

  • Tomas Lee Zuniga

    if I have to pay again for ISX after already buying it and Messages+ seperately, I’ll start looking for alternatives or find other ways to get what I want

  • Bhavik

    Ok thank u so much..