Why Cydia Won’t Slow Down When evasi0n Jailbreak is Released


One of the concerns people seem to have with the imminent release of the evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6.x is whether Cydia will be able to handle the load.

If you had jailbroken your iOS device when a new jailbreak like the absinthe jailbreak is released then you may remember that Cydia had some performance related issues, especially while reloading data.

Jay Freeman aka saurik, founder of Cydia has previously explained why Cydia needs to reload data every time it’s launched. Unfortunately this can cause a problem in the event of a jailbreak release, when servers that host popular repostaries get hit by a huge amount of traffic from newly jailbroken devices, which slows down the reloading data process.

But saurik has responded to a reddit user explaining why it shouldn’t be such a serious issue this time round. He writes:

This will not be as serious of an issue this time around; in addition to how every jailbreak this problem is less problematic, planetbeing said he would finally deploy my “pre-primed Cydia” proposal, so when you open Cydia immediately after the jailbreak it will already have a package catalog from all of the default repositories, and will not need to do a full refresh cycle (which is what really pummels the repositories during new jailbreaks): it will only need to grab the diffs. (That’s the one thing I thought random people seeing this conversation may actually want to know; beetling and 0ptimo otherwise correctly covered this suggestion itself.)

In the same thread, 0ptima of the BigBoss repo has also explained how repository owners will be handling the situation:

The repos have the ability to create mirrors and replicate their own servers to more boxes if need be. When the stakes are a great unknown, such as the case with each major jailbreak not knowing how many users there will be all at once, the repos can only try to be agile and reactive to the needs of the userbase. If more servers are required then that is certainly an option that the repos could manage more appropriately than yourself.

Hopefully like BigBoss repo, other repositories should also be well prepared for the big day due to the advance notice.

Based on the preemptive steps taken by Saurik, the evad3rs dev team and the repositories, it looks like we don’t really have to worry about Cydia slowing down when evasi0n jailbreak is released.