Facebook Poke Hasn’t Killed Snapchat and Doesn’t Look Like it Will Anytime Soon

When Facebook released its Poke app in December, conventional wisdom was that competitor Snapchat would soon be history. A month later, not only is Snapchat still around, but it’s #14 on the download charts and Facebook Poke…706 and dropping.

If you’re not familiar with either app the idea is to send videos, pictures, or messages to friends that expire/self destruct within seconds or minutes of being received. Snapchat has also been dubbed the sexting app for obvious reasons. Given how popular Snapchat is, Facebook saw the success of Snapchat, especially in the key teen demographic, and thought “hey let’s release our own app that does the same thing”.

Not a bad plan really. Facebook wants to make sure they offer as many reasons to use them for all your Internet needs (posting pictures, posting videos, calling friends for free).

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well for Facebook this time around. Here are some charts from App Annie for the two app (note the y-axis scale for the place on the download chart):

Facebook Poke Ranks 640x267


Snapchat Rank 640x264

Yep Snapchat, though dropped a bit is still within the top 15. Facebook Poke will be lucky to stay in the top 1000 next month at this rate.

To its credit, this is exactly how Facebook does app development. Release smaller component apps, like Camera and Messenger, then pull in the best features from those apps into the main app. So, maybe the features of Facebook Poke might not make it into the main app anytime soon (or at all), but they gave it a go.

Via Mashable

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