Facebook #1 Mobile App in 2012, But Google Dominates With 5 Out Of The Top 6 Apps


comScore has released the rankings of the top mobile apps in the U.S. by audience, which reveals some interesting details.

Facebook grabed the #1 position from Google Maps, which has been the top mobile app for quite a long time. However, Google continues to dominate the mobile apps market, with 5 out of the top 6 mobile apps.

As you can see from the graph above, Google Maps lost its #1 position to Facebook in September, which is when Apple released iOS 6 that came with Apple’s own Maps app instead of Google Maps.

Google should claw its way back as it released Google Maps for iPhone in mid-December and has been one of the top apps in the App Store.

Other apps that made it to the top 10 were Pandora Radio, Apple’s iTunes, Cooliris and Yahoo messenger. I was quite surprised to find Cooliris, an app that lets you discover and share all your photos in one place and Yahoo messenger in the top 10 apps list.


Not surprisingly, Facebook is also ranked #1 in terms of mobile app engagement. It accounts for 23% of the time spent on apps, while Facebook owned Instagram accounts for 3% and various Google apps accounted for approximately 10% of the time spent.


It will be interesting to see if the market will look any different next year. Lets hope it does.

Via: comScore

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