FCC Publishes New Apple TV Dimensions: Just a Touch Smaller

Screen shot 2013 01 29 at 3 02 37 pm

We have a little more info about what the Apple TV 3,2 might be like—it will be smaller. Yep, we know that from FCC documents published today the device will be 93.78mm square (it’s 98mm now).

That’s about it. Engadget looked into the documents and as far as the FCC is concerned, that’s all that is new or different. This means that the wireless innards that the Apple TV has now, will be the same in the next model.

Everything else? Who knows.

I’m betting a small refresh with more processor power (maybe A6X chip) and a touch more internal memory/storage for buffering video. This device might not be the mythic next step in the area of interest that is television…but it’s something.

Via: 9to5Mac

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