Former Anobit CEO Talks Apple Acquisition and Company Culture

maislosIn late 2011, Apple acquired Israeli flash memory startup Anobit. After working for nearly a year for Apple, Anobit’s founder and CEO Ariel Maislos left the company, reportedly to work on a new startup. Now that he can talk freely to the press, Maislos discussed the acquisition and Apple’s work culture at a recent Israel Semiconductor Club meet.

ZDNet has the details:

“We had already had a close working relationship with Apple,” Maislos revealed. “When you are working in the flash memory industry, it’s kind of hard not to come across Apple at some point, as a partner or a customer – and they were a very big customer. We developed a very good relationship with them, and a mutual appreciation developed between both companies.”

Maislos noted that the founders of Anobit weren’t keenly looking for an exit, since they already had enough capital from their past acquisitions to continue to invest in the company.

Maislos also contrasted the culture at Apple and Intel, having been in the unique position of working closely with both companies (Intel was an investor in Anobit):

While Intel engineers are given assignments and are rewarded for ingenuity and creativity, he said, it’s a given at Apple that engineers will be at the top of their game. “At Apple, you have to run ahead just to stay in place, and there are very high expectations of everyone. Apple expects everything you do to be amazing.

“That is not the case at Intel, where no one expects you to be ‘amazing’,” said Maislos, although Intel does reward those who give their “A+ game”.

He added that working at Apple ” was an amazing experience.”

Via: MacRumors

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    from what i gathered over the last 1 , 1 and half year following Apple inc, the company today comes across just like the TELCO supply chain int’l business, i worked with for just over 18 months and around 9 yrs ago. (b4 realizing i was wasting time then made my decision to move on and seek for more challenging and up to speed industry global actors) . Apple inc today must be “A maze in” or better said, a fking huge , bureaucratic, state/public organization where getting to talk to someone over the phone is almost impossible (for the switchboard staff members can’t even work their way around with the telco system) and even getting a fax message sent to, is a project that may take several months. (i.e: a place with a lot of lazy buggers hiding from the world, real world , and pretending to have a job but in fact they all they have a chair in a office, sometime a cubical space , a salary at the end of each month which is more likely to be a beg for wasting 168hrs/mnth). marc