Free Press Launches Petition Site Over AT&T’s Controversial FaceTime Rules


Back in August, AT&T announced that it won’t be charging for FaceTime over cellular feature in iOS 6, but will require customers to be on one of its new Mobile Share data plans to be able to use the feature. This meant that that AT&T customers on the older tiered data plans and the unlimited data plans were not eligible for the free FaceTime over cellular feature.

At that time, open internet groups such as Public Knowledge and Free Press felt that AT&T’s controversial data plan requirement to allow FaceTime on their network in iOS 6 was violating F.C.C rules.

In September, Free Press, Public Knowledge and New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute informed AT&T that they will be filing a complaint with the F.C.C for its illegal activities.

Due to these threats of F.C.C complaints and widespread public outcry, AT&T announced that it will be allowing Facetime over cellular for all tiered plans earlier in the week. Unfortunately, customers with the grandfathered unlimited data plans were still not eligible.

Free Press has now launched a petition site to allow customers with the unlimited data plans to speak out against AT&T’s practices, which it says is still in violation of the law and the broader principles of Net Neutrality.


The petition site carriers a banner “AT&T: Your World Blocked.” At the time of writing this post there were already more than 9700 comments. So if you would like to join the petition, click on this link.

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  • Eddie g

    I don’t get it if you are on grandfathered unlimited why does this matter?

    • Brian Charles

      “Unfortunately, customers with the grandfathered unlimited data plans were still not eligible.” Because I am paying for service like everyone else and can’t use FaceTime, but the other plans can. I am penalized for being on an unlimited plan.

  • stanley

    Because AT&T is not letting us use the data that we paid for the way we want!

  • Jeremy Michaud

    but yet I dont hear people complaining about those of use under corp. accounts or corp. discounted accounts…guess we were forgotten about :-(

  • Drew

    Because of the ones that have the unlimited data package for being LOYAL customers for when the iPhone 1st came came out to AT&T, now are penalizing us because we don’t want to change our data plan. Ultimately AT&T needs to suck it up and just let everyone (including unlimited data customers) be equal. AT&T is still making money on every iPhone, they are just being stingy and want more!