Geohot To Release Reactions, A Dual-Camera Photo Sharing App


Last year, we found out that iPhone and PS3 hacker George Hotz aka Geohot who had joined Facebook had quit the company in June 2011. At that time we wondered if he will join the jailbreak community, which he abandoned after a not so pleasant experience.

In case you’re not aware, Geohot has a history of discovering exploits in iOS firmwares and is famous in the iPhone hacking world for releasing popular jailbreaking and unlocking tools such as blacksn0wblackra1n and limera1n.

He hasn’t joined the jailbreak community, but like pod2g he is planning to release an app in the App Store. The app called Reactions is a photo sharing app, but with a difference.

It takes a photo using both the rear and front facing camera, so that along with the photo, you can also capture your reaction. The app’s official website reads: “Previous photo applications only allowed the use of one camera. Or even worse, let you choose between cameras. Disgusting. Here at Reactions we don’t believe in choice, we believe in both. Why make Obama president? Let Obama and Romney be president. Let’s even let Ron Paul be president too.”


Interestingly, the app won’t save the photo in your camera roll, instead it will upload it to Facebook, if you do not click on the cancel button in 3 seconds. Geohot has given the following reason for it:

Originally we had 1-Click Sharing, but after consulting with our attorneys, they suggested it might infringe on Amazon’s 1-Click patent. So we changed it to Minus 1-Click Sharing. Meaning it takes a click to not share. Groovy.

The app is also be integrated with Dropbox.

A novel idea, but I am not sure how many of youwant to capture your reaction while taking a photo and upload it to Facebook. According to Reactions’s website, the app has been submitted to the App Store and waiting for approval.

We’ll let you know when Reactions is available in the App Store.

HT: MuscleNerd