Google Translate Praises the iPad No Longer

2013 01 06 10 04 57

Late in the week, Apple faithful were just giddy over a bug in Google’s text-to-speech engine that would tack “he now praises the iPad” onto the end of phrases ending with some key words. After some testing this morning, it looks like Google has squashed that somewhat embarrassing bug.

The bug popped up when using several of Google’s text-to-speech tools like Google Translate and Google Now and worked like this, start any old sentence and end it with “end with,” “enraged with,” or “filled with” then hit the speech button. Instead of just leaving the grammatically poor sentence intact, Google would tack on “he now praises the iPad”, or it did. Here are a few examples that Mac Rumors posted:


This morning I tried several of the examples and couldn’t get the giggle-worthy bug to crop up. I’m betting that Google got tired of being the butt of jokes all weekend and decided to fix this minor gaff once and for all. Though I think the engineers could have at least just put in an alternate like “he now praises the Motorola Razr” or something.

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