Has Battery Life Improved After Upgrading To iOS 6.1?

iPhone Battery Life

When Apple released iOS 6.0.2 for iPhone 5 and iPad mini to fix some Wi-Fi related issues, a number of people reported that they were facing battery life issues after upgrading to it.

While Apple did not mention anything about iOS 6.1 improving battery life in the release notes, we’ve seen a few scattered reports which suggest that Apple may have fixed some of the bugs that was affecting battery life.

I have personally not seen any major improvements, but one of our readers commented that he was seeing improved battery life on his iPhone 4 after upgrading to iOS 6.1.

great battery improvement …. 100% to 99% for 4 hours in standby with wifi enabled … really great performance than ios 6.0.1 …..

Folks at EVDOinfo are also claiming that they’re seeing improved battery life after upgrading to iOS 6.1.

With an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.2, the above screenshot would show battery life around 93 – 94%.  After installing iOS 6.1, the battery indicator is still at 100%.  In fact, this screen show was take 15 minutes ago and the iPhone 5 still shows 100%.  This is insane battery life.


Have you upgraded to iOS 6.1? What has been your experience? Are you seeing improved battery life? Let us know in the comments below.


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