hipKey Proximity Sensor For iOS Devices Arrives in Apple Stores


During CES hipKey made its debut with word that it would appear exclusively in Apple Stores—online for sure, physical, not so sure—and that day has come…the hipKey has arrived. While at first you might think that the $90 app-ccessory is a bit much, if you think about how it could be used to help protect your devices and loved ones, it doesn’t seem so out there at all.

In case you’ve forgotten, hipKey is a little Bluetooth 4.0 device that you pair with your iPhone and attach to your keys, a bag, or even your child (a little odd, but very practical) and can be set to sound an alarm if your iPhone and hipKey get too far apart or if the hipKey has moved (like on a bag). Also, the hipKey and companion app (universal) can be used to find each other.


I found the hipKey in stock in the U.S., Canadian, and U.K. Apple Online Stores ready for your purchase.

The app allows you to switch between the three modes: Distance, Motion, and Child as well as tap the button in the middle to locate the hipKey.


The companion hipKey app is free and you can download it if you wish—but it won’t do you any good without the hipKey to pair with.

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