How To Prepare For iOS 6.x Jailbreak

iOS 6.1 Jailbreak

With the imminent launch of the evasi0n jailbreak for nearly all iOS 6.x devices, one of the frequently asked question is what do I need to prepare for the jailbreak.

So in this article, I try to answer that question based on previous jailbreaks and the information provided by the evad3rs dev team.


Before preparing for the jailbreak, it is important to understand if your iOS device is supported. The good news is that the evasi0n jailbreak will support all iOS devices except for Apple TV 3. So as we’ve reported earlier, the following iOS devices will be supported:

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
  • iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G, iPod touch 4G
  • Apple TV 2

The evasi0n jailbreak will also support iOS 6.1, iOS 6.0.2 (iPhone 5 and iPad mini), iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0.

It is also important to note that evasi0n will only allow you to jailbreak your iOS device and it won’t unlock your iPhone, if you depend on software unlocks then you should stay where you are and wait for tools like PwnageTool and Sn0wbreeze that allow you to update to iOS 6.1 without updating your baseband and also wait for Ultrasn0w to be updated for iOS 6.x.

Back up:


Back up your iOS device using iTunes. Connect your iOS device to the computer that you normally sync to, launch iTunes, then select your iOS device. Then click on the Back up Now button to manually take a back up of your iOS device,


If you have jailbroken your iOS device, then you can use jailbreak apps like PkgBackup that will take a backup of the Cydia tweaks, in addition to the preferences and SpringBoard files. It also gives you the option of storing your backup on Dropbox.

Restore to iOS 6.1:

As we have mentioned earlier, the evasi0n jailbreak supports iOS 6, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.0.2. So if you’re on iOS 6.0.x then you can  choose to stay where you are or update to iOS 6.1.

If you want to update your iOS device to iOS 6.1, it is important to note that the evad3rs dev team has warned against updating over-the-air (OTA) i.e. updating directly from your iOS device.

They’ve strongly recommended to restore to iOS 6.1 using iTunes (and restore from the back up), which is the reason why I talked about taking a back up of your iOS device using iTunes.

The OTA is not recommended as it apparently adds additional encryption to the update package that will likely cause the jailbreak to fail. MuscleNerd also mentioned that OTA is more time consuming to test and it gives different SHSH blobs than the normal restore.

If you’ve upgraded your device to iOS 6.1 using OTA update then don’t worry, you can still use the same approach. Take a back up of your device and restore using iTunes (and restore from the back up).

If you still hit an issue when the jailbreak is released then you may have to do a clean restore, which is not ideal as you end up losing all your data and settings, but is the only solution.

Save SHSH blobs:

As always, it is always a good habit to take a backup of the SHSH blobs, so you always have the option to downgrade back to iOS 6.1, if you accidentally update your iOS device to a new iOS software update (whenever Apple releases one).

You can check out our step-by-step guide on how to save SHSH blobs. Remember to deslect the “Request SHSH from Cydia” option in the Advanced tab if you’ve never jailbroken your iOS device.

That’s it. Your iOS device should be all set for the evasi0n jailbreak, which may be released on Sunday, February 3. We’ll keep you updated on the latest jailbreak news so please don’t forget to join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or add us to your circles on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Hope this helps. If you’ve any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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  • iphoto

    I have an iPad 3 jaiolbroken with iOS 5.1 and i dont want To loose the apps that I downloaded from installaus when I upgrade to iOS 6.1 to jailbreak.

    • AT&T Rapes Me

      Try buying them and u won’t have to worry about it

    • iPhoneHacks

      We’ve a no piracy policy so can’t help you with such questions.

    • Brandon Hash

      installous is dead, get over it and either buy the apps or move on with your life without them

      • iphoto

        Yeah I know… vshare and appcake are not.

    • Steve Kennard

      installed with “installaus” new one to me!! Buy the apps

      • iphoto

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    • surfin4hot

      bought an iPad for hundreds of dollars but cant even pay a $0.99 app. what’s up with that

      • iphoto

        Pendejo no es por los que cuestan $0.99 para q voy a molestarme por un maldito dólar es por los otros de $20+
        Y la tableta fue un regalo así que Para opinar mierda mejor métete 99 bichos por culo

    • Rounak Jain

      A good time to decide which apps you *really* need and give some money to the devs who deserve it.

  • Angel Cintron

    How can i save everything in cydia as repos and packages?? How i do that???

    • iPhoneHacks

      You can use PkgBackup. It’s available on Cydia. There are other packages that are less expensive like xBackup, but we haven’t tried it out for quite sometime so not sure if it will work on iOS 6.x.

      • xero14

        This dance will never end same questions since first jb. Please stop hand feeding and make em read. they are our future :(

  • rlc

    so i have to do a backup then retore? or i can update over itune not OTA

  • Cee

    I just updated to 6.1 on my iPhone 5. Will I be able to jailbreak?

    • iPhoneHacks

      evad3rs dev team has recommended doing a full restore using iTunes.

      While updating using OTA or iTunes may work, there is a high chance you may hit the issue. The dev team doesn’t have the time to test the jailbreak process on the OTA update as it is time consuming, which means that there could be some unknown bugs.

      • PasserBy

        Respect to iPhonehacks for entertaining this person.

        • iPhoneHacks

          For or for not?

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            I think he is getting at the fact that the question was clearly answered in the article, but you took the time to answer instead of ridiculing or sarcasm.

          • iPhoneHacks

            Ahh got it, thanks :)

    • Cee


  • J k

    Once you jailbreak your iPhone how do you use pkgbackup to restore all your tweaks

    • surfin4hot

      use pkgbackup first before updating

    • iPhoneHacks

      You can check out this article to get an idea:
      (PkgBackup has come a long way since we covered it, like it has features like the ability to upload the backups to Dropbox, SugarSync etc. But the article should give you an idea.

    • Bill Ross

      The question is, what jailbreak apps will be compatible with iOS6.1?

  • Gelo

    I have never paid a penny for an app and I’ll never will!

    • untzuntz

      I was a douche when i was 15 years old too. You’ll learn!

      • JB

        I refuse to grow out of my douchery. If an app is available cracked… then cracked it will be. I have been a bit less douchey in my older age, and will actually buy a good piece of software if I cant find it cracked.

        • JCT

          I have gone a step beyond that i have hacked 360, ps3, wii and will buy games or apps if they are good i use hack as trial if i enjoy i buy

      • anon

        Only suckers pay for apps.

  • untzuntz

    Is it really encouraged to RESTORE to 6.1 and not UPDATE to 6.1? I took the lazy route and updated instead of restoring.

    • JCT

      depends updated on itunes or over the air(OTA) (on the phone) if updated over the air then yes need to restore if updated on itunes should be fine

  • Valantis Xaralampous

    hi i have an iphone 4s running on 6.0.1 and its locked to LMT network…i would like to know if with the upcoming jailbreak will be unlock if no how can i unlock it?(or i have to wait for neqw version of snowbreeze?) i have a gevey sim but if i use it i cant update the phone coz it wont be supported by the gevey sim…thanks

    • iPhoneHacks

      The short answer is no, but do read the article, which has the details. Thanks!

  • Rounak Jain

    just get it factory unlocked from a provider like there’s hardly been any development on the unlocking front since ages

  • Samuel

    The jailbreak under construction. Offlin look they up.adingjailbreak

  • anosan lerin

    for apple tv 3 no jailbreak?

  • Kray-Z

    Small grammatical error, “The good news is that the evasi0n jailbreak will support all iOS devices expect for Apple TV 3.” should be except not expect lol. First time I read it I was like huh??? Ohhh! ok :p Thanks for all your articles. My go to source for iPhone info!!!

    • iPhoneHacks

      Of course, thanks for pointing it out. It has been fixed :)

  • Zed Sefi

    Now you worried me about SHSH blobs. My device has been updated using OTA (which is not a problem, I could still re-restore using iTunes) but what about the blobs??? You have mentioned that OTA blobs (which I have already saved using TinyUmbrella) could be different than full restore blobs. Does it mean they will not work with me in future if I decide to use them on future jaibreak/downgrades to iOS 6.1 from higher firmware versions, etc… ??? If thats the case should I delete them and re-save blobs in TinyUmbrella after performing a full iTunes restore? How to do that? :/

  • John

    can i activate my sprint iphone 5 after upgrade ios 6.1 while i am in abroad?

  • Panhavon

    iphonehacks can i update my phone 5 6.1 with itunes without restore ?

    • iPhoneHacks

      evad3rs dev team has strongly recommended upgrading to iOS 6.1 using full restore iTunes option as the jailbreak process could be buggy. However, you can take your chances, if it doesn’t work then you can do it.

  • David

    Go to straight talk it will work 100%

  • ujay

    how long are we gonna stuck on 99%

  • ujay

    ten minutes to 5 pm here in Accra