How To Replace iPhone 5 Screen In 3 minutes


What if I told you that iPhone 5’s screen can be replaced in 3 minutes? That’s exactly how much time you need to replace the iPhone 5 screen according to Jerry Rig over at YouTube, who has created this do-it-yourself video.

When iFixit disassembled the iPhone 5, they had reported that it was a lot easier to replace a cracked screen compared to an iPhone 4S because it opened from front-to-back, but I didn’t expect it to be so quick.

All you need is a 5-point Pentalobe screwdriver, a small Phillips head screwdriver, a replacement screen for your iPhone 5 and a suction cup (which may be provided with the screen). Amazon may be a good place to look for these parts, though the iPhone 5 screen and digitizer frame assembly replacement seems to be very expensive ($214.75) at the moment.

If that was too fast for your comfort, then you can check out iFixit’s comprehensive guide, which is 32 minutes long.

HT: iDownloadBlog

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  • ha

    id say 5mins, he did fast forward at one point

    • Damani Brown

      For like 3 seconds? I don’t think that adds in 2 minutes. LOL

  • Steve Kennard

    iPhone 5 screen and digitizer frame assembly replacement seems to be very expensive ($214.75) at the moment.

    Yeah i bet once more and more 5s bend, the price will drop!!!

  • Kimk69

    Just wish it was cheaper.
    Also, I’m hearing beta 5 is out :(

  • Apple

    You may not want to believe this guy or anyone who says they can replace the iPhone 5 screen. The iPhone 5 screen is designed differently from all previous iPhone screens, they cannot be replace that simply. There is one final step that only Apple has the tools for. At the moment only Apple and the factory has this tool.

    • DrunkMunki

      i think you meant the 5-point pentalobe screwdriver, which you can get everywhere now?

  • jordan

    I replaced my iPhone5 screen, but now every 3 minutes, my phone goes unresponsive, and I have to turn it back on… We’ve already hard-booted the phone, and tried to see if it would just stop behaving this way, but it still is. What can I do to fix this this?