iOS 6.1 Adoption Already Hitting More Than 20%


It’s only been a few days since iOS 6.1 has been out, but data from Onswipe—makers of mobile optimized websites—shows over 20% of iOS traffic is using iOS 6.1. In contrast, it took a week for iOS 6 traffic to hit 44%.

According to Onswipe, data from the various mobile templates and site they’ve deployed showed rapid adoption of iOS 6.1. Why? Not a lot of features to offer. TechCrunch thinks Over The Air acceptance has gotten better. I think that OTA is part of it, but I also think that the jump to .1 sounds more impressive than it really is and people felt more obliged to update.

Regardless of the why this is further help to developers who want to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest in iOS, but not leave people behind. There will always be folks who lag on updating devices (even when they can), but by all accounts this is a minor issue for Apple.

Via: TechCrunch

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