iOS 6.1 Adoption Already Hitting More Than 20%


It’s only been a few days since iOS 6.1 has been out, but data from Onswipe—makers of mobile optimized websites—shows over 20% of iOS traffic is using iOS 6.1. In contrast, it took a week for iOS 6 traffic to hit 44%.

According to Onswipe, data from the various mobile templates and site they’ve deployed showed rapid adoption of iOS 6.1. Why? Not a lot of features to offer. TechCrunch thinks Over The Air acceptance has gotten better. I think that OTA is part of it, but I also think that the jump to .1 sounds more impressive than it really is and people felt more obliged to update.

Regardless of the why this is further help to developers who want to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest in iOS, but not leave people behind. There will always be folks who lag on updating devices (even when they can), but by all accounts this is a minor issue for Apple.

Via: TechCrunch

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  • callinsplace

    Think it might have to do with the announcment that a jailbreak will be available ?

    • PasserBy

      I think you hit the nail on the head

    • Tris Hussey

      I wondered that as well

    • adam

      yeah i think everyone that wants to upgrade to the latest version that will be able to be jailbroke and espicially untethered

  • Astig_808

    yep.more will join wen funday comes around

  • Matt Hannan

    I so badly need this jailbreak. I need to tether my WiFi-only Nexus 7 tablet so that I can play Ingress!

  • Peter Newman

    Hey Tris, when I was on 6.0 the last few weeks when I go on iPhone Hacks there is a grey transparent band that comes up from the bottom of the page when you scroll the page, about a cm wide and moves while scrolling and snaps back to the bottom. I have done a restore to 6.1 and it still happens, any ideas?

    • PasserBy

      It’s an advert. Mine was grey too until 6.1. Not sure why yours is still grey.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks Peter for reporting the issue. We’ll investigate it.

    • Astig_808

      peter,the grey on the bottom u mentioned,well if u look good on the top left of the grey spot,there a little X mark there to close it.i couldnt see it that well but wen i tapped it,it gone and it was on 6.1

  • Noneya

    So in other words that title is saying that 80% hate iOS 6.1. Apple needs to step up their game. Lol.

    Like the10% of Android users only running JB. What I see is 90% of Android user are so satisfied with previous builds of Android that they don’t feel a need to update.

    “Just because you updated doesn’t mean you upgraded.” All those who are
    un-Jail Broken would agree with that quote. That goes for all OS’sssss. LOL.

    It’s all in the wording.

  • Kelborai

    the Bluetooth in my car usually be connected for more than an hour , but with the new version of IOS 6.1 new update it keep disconnecting , i have to connected one more time every 25 min. , and i don’t have a problem with my car system. please check the Bluetooth software in the ISO next time.