New in iOS 6.1: Control Music Directly From Your iPhone When Connected to Car Stereo


Have you been annoyed with the “Accessory Connected” screen when you connect your iPhone to the car stereo?

We’ve some good news. A reddit user has just pointed out that Apple has addressed this annoying issue in iOS 6.1.

These days most new cars offer integration with the iPhone, which makes it easy to connect and control the music on your iPhone seamlessly using your car stereo’s on-screen menus. But there has been one annoying problem with the integration. Prior to iOS 6.1, when you connect your iPhone to the car stereo it shows the “Accessory Connected” screen, this meant users didn’t have an option to use the iPhone to control the music and were instead forced to use the clunky user interface of the car stereo.

According to the reddit user, after upgrading to iOS 6.1, you don’t get the “Accessory Connected” screen when you connect your iPhone to the car stereo, thus allowing you to control music directly from your iPhone.

They removed the “Accessory Connected” screen when you have your iPhone connected to a stereo.

Now I can actually control my media and browse and choose my music on the phone rather than having to use the horrible and slow UI in my car to do it.

You should also able to control the music on your iPhone using your car stereo’s on-screen menus.

I haven’t been able to test this out yet, but based on the user’s comments looks like another hidden gem that was missed out in the iOS 6.1 release notes, at least for folks who connect their iPhone or iOS device to the car stereo.

Check out this post to find out what else is new in iOS 6.1.

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  • ladodger5

    my kenwood stereo has been doing this for years with the ipod by hand option

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, I think this hasn’t been an issue with car stereos that have some kind of ipod mode like button.

    • iPhoneHacks

      That’s probably also the reason it did not make it to the release notes.

  • blu

    my 4S on 6.0.1 and my 5 on 6.0.2 could do this on my Scion (Pioneer brand) head unit, both via blutooth and charging cable. My daughter like it because she can control the music from the back seat.
    Maybe it is dependant on the headunit?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah probably, according to the info (graphics) on Apple’s site, it seems to be the case with quite a few car stereos:

      But it is possible that they haven’t been updated.

    • Shrivatsa Somany

      Wait, when you use bluetooth for music streaming, and the charging cable for just charging…it works fine, you can access your music. But when you use the integrated control in the head unit, it said “accessory connected.” And I’ve tried this from 3rd party decks to BMWs and Audis, no luck.

      • blu

        If using blutooth (nothing plugged in) I have full access to my phone and I can control everthing with the phone or head unit, if I plug the phone into the usb connector (which charges the phone and directly connects the phone to the head unit) I still have complete access and can control the music from the phone or head unit. No matter which way I am connected, I can use the standard music player, Pandora, iHeart Radio or Songza (I have to manually open the last 3 and start it, but after I can skip songs using the headunit or phone).
        As said, I think it is headunit dependant. My HU does not officially support Pandor like some do, but it still works.

        • Shrivatsa Somany

          Cool! Thanks :)

  • Apel P

    YES! This should have been done way back in iOS 2.x.x

    • bcsc

      It has been! At least since 2.2 Froyo. Whoops, I missed the iOS part…..

      • Apel P

        Why are you on here if you hate iOS so much. you don’t see me going to your websites and douching. Some people like Android, Some Apple. Just Like Some People Like Brownies and some Cookies.

        • bcsc

          I’m here because I’m waiting for info on the jailbreak for my Iphone. I can email you a picture of it with your name beside it if you have a problem believing that. All I was pointing out was the face that for such a sample feature, this is pretty long overdue. PS, I’m more of a cherry pie guy myself.

      • Shrivatsa Somany

        Wait, which freaking car has proper integration with Android?

  • Zangpakto

    Now this is awesome…. been waiting for this… :D

  • youyou

    Pioneer been offering this

  • Why so late?

    This is why we need jailbreaking….I haven’t had this issue at all because of the small tweaks in Cydia that fix this… its a shame we had to wait until 6.1 for this to be finally fixed by Apple….if they don’t worry about this small stuff, let the JB community handle it then….

  • Chris

    Awesome. About time.

  • Gary

    Expect to get pull over for texting

  • DJ

    I wonder if they will ever get integration of phone calls through your vehicles speaker? I have an older Pathfinder without bluetooth, but have added an aftermarket iPod/iPhone aux. I was so hoping that I could get my calls through vehicles speaker versus using the speaker phone option.

    • blu

      Again, my car already has it. I can even access SIRI via Bluetooth through the head unit.
      As said, a lot of this is head unit dependent.

  • JC

    Worked like a charm. Now I have album shuffle (using an app) while connected, and better sound. My Bluetooth wasn’t that great.

  • proto732

    It presented a real problem when they split out podcasts from the music app as the integrated systems could only access what the music app could see.

  • Mike

    Ever since I updated to ios 6.1 on my iPhone 4S, I can’t connect it to my Sony stereo in my room. Anyone know why?

  • iPhone2005

    its 2013.. should of been around in 08

  • cam

    its a nice feature to add but now i can’t access my playlists properly its all messed up when using the head unit search functions.