iOS 6.1 May Have Fixed iPhone 5 Touchscreen Bug


Couple of months back, a game developer had observed a problem with iPhone 5’s touch screen. They’ve observed the iPhone 5 screen stops responding to touch inputs when you slide the finger across the screen in quick successions.

We were also able to replicate the issue on the iPhone 5 and the iPod touch 5G, which indicated that the problem was with the 4-inch display.

As you can see in the video below, iPhone 4S units running iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0 didn’t seem to be affected by the bug, whereas iPhone 5 units running iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0 exhibited the problem, which indicated that it was a hardware related issue.

At that time, it was widely speculated that the problem could be with the new in-cell display used in iPhone 5. The in-cell display technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD, which eliminates the need of a separate touch screen layer. The absence of a separate touch screen layer not only helps to make the screen thinner, but it also improves the quality of displayed images. Colors get a boost, too, with color saturation that’s 44 percent greater than before.

Demo of the iPhone 5 touchscreen bug in iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0 

While many of you may not have noticed the problem, it was seen as problem for users who play games that need quick diagonal scrolling and swiping motions.

But it looks like you won’t hit the issue in iOS 6.1 as Apple may have fixed the bug or at least improved things as pointed out by MacRumors.

Several readers have noted that an issue with rapid diagonal swiping on the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch resulting in loss of touch recognition appears to have been fixed or at least improved in iOS 6.1. Not all readers have experienced improvements, however, with some indicating that performance remains the same under iOS 6.1.

I couldn’t replicate the issue on my iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5g on iOS 6.1, but as MacRumors points out some of the their readers are still able to replicate the problem.

Let me know if you’re still able to replicate the issue after upgrading to iOS 6.1.

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  • Jjflo

    And i think the have fix the camera too

    • iPhoneHacks

      What exactly was the camera issue?

      • J. Flores

        The purple glare when u put it on the light

        • Rounak Jain

          That’s a lens issue rather than a software issue, and despite what people say (it’s found on other phones too), I find it *very* annoying.

          • surfin4hot

            right. i have an android phone (xperia neo) and have found some purple glare when taking a picture. it just so happened that on my iphone 5, it is so visible prolly because of its resolution and clarity of the screen.

        • iPhoneHacks

          Doubt that one will be fixed. Apple has again clarified that the purple haze showing up in the photos taken with the iPhone 5′s camera pointed at or near bright light sources is considered normal behavior.
          Though I must admit I seem to notice it more on the iPhone 5.

  • Daniel Aguirre

    Mine still has the bug

  • Astig_808

    i got the bug on mine but it does seem that it doesnt happen as fast as before.i have to keep swiping for a while till the bug kicks in

  • Jluva007

    Still here grrr :/

  • 2legit2quit

    Loving my iPhone 4 even more now lol not upgrading til iPhone 6 even though I CAN upgrade NOW =)

  • iBoy

    Just tested after upgrade. The bug is still there.

  • adam

    i hadnt tested this glitch before i upgraded to 6.1 but i just tested it on my iphone 5 running 6.1 and the glitch did occur but only after swiping very fast. the only part of the glitch that i experienced though was the touch recognition completely freezing. it didnt lag at all it just froze

  • yummtaj

    After 6.1, when my iPhone is plugged in, the screen is lagging.. it’s really annoying

  • Miguel Ruela

    After upgrate my iPhone 3GS to 6.1 some parts of the display didn’t work anymore. I replaced a few months ago the touch screen and everything was fine until this upgrade. There are other users with this problem in the 3GS ?