iOS 6.1 Fixes Smart App Banner Javascript Bug in Mobile Safari


Apple has fixed the bug in iOS 6.1, which automatically enabled Javascript without user’s consent when he or she visited a website that displays a “Smart App banner”.

Smart app banners rely on JavaScript to function correctly, and the bug resulted in iOS 6.0.x enabling JavaScript automatically in Safari, even if the user had explicitly turned it off via the Settings app.

Apple has confirmed in the knowledge base article that describes the security content of iOS 6.1 that it has fixed:

Impact: JavaScript may be enabled in Mobile Safari without user interaction

Description: If a user disabled JavaScript in Safari Preferences, visiting a site which displayed a Smart App Banner would re-enable JavaScript without warning the user. This issue was addressed by not enabling JavaScript when visiting a site with a Smart App Banner.


While it wasn’t a concern for majority of the users, it is good to know that Apple has fixed the bug in iOS 6.1.

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Via: Apple

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