iOS 7 Concept Features Status Bar as Battery Indicator, Redesigned App Switcher, Photos App & More


We’ve seen some interesting iOS 7 concepts this year, some of features in the concepts have been inspired by jailbreak tweaks and Android.

But here’s a new iOS 7 concept by Denmark-based designer, Mads Bengtsson, which comes with some fresh ideas.

Status Bar as Battery Indicator:

In iOS 6, the color of the status bar changes dynamically to match the app currently running on your iOS device.

Bengtsson feels that instead the status bar could actually work as the battery indicator. As you can see below, the status bar would be green when there is enough battery life, but turns red when there is only 20% battery life left.

He believes that this approach would make it more visible, not to mention make it less cluttered.


Quick Access to Last Used Apps:

The concept shows how a user can get access to the last used apps, by switching to landscape mode at the Home screen. It displays the screenshot of the app in the form of cards with their current state.


Redesigned App Switcher:

Bengtsson also has an interesting take on the app switcher. Instead of displaying the app icons at the bottom, the concept displays the last used apps vertically like banners, which gives enough room to display the current or last state of the app. Users could use gestures, such as slide to the right to close the app etc.

The concept also shows how the page which has the controls for orientation lock, brightness can be used to give users quick access to the Settings toggles.


The app switcher has been an area where we’ve seen a number of jailbreak tweaks (Auxo – the best iOS app switcher replacement we’ve seen so far).

He has also redesigned the Contacts app and the Photos app. The redesigned Photos app looks pretty sleek.



While Apple needs to re-imagine some aspects of the iOS, I doubt that we’ll see such radical changes. Let me know what you think of the concepts in the comments below.

Via: RedmondPie

Source: Behance

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  • Brandon Hash

    this is an amazing concept, and I think if Apple were to catch wind of it and implement even a couple parts or it, it would be a good thing

  • Dovydas

    Notification ,calendar and photo apps looks awesome but I disagree with status bar as battery indicator because it would be a little bit annoying,but that’s just my opinion

    • Brandon Hash

      the green isn’t too badly distracting and could be easily toned down. but the red is meant to be distracting to catch your attention so you know to plug your phone in.

      i think it’s a neat idea, and it does indeed free up a little bit of clutter

  • Mark

    This is just an amateur and unprofessional design.

    • Brandon Hash

      still better than what apple’s been coming up with

      • Pacomacman

        The reason why Apple haven’t updated the iOS interface is because they got it right in the first place. Every times look at the Samsung S3 it really gets my goat that there isn’t a unified interface. Samsung’s own interface looks completely different from that of the Android OS.

    • iEatSoxLikeAnimal

      Not unprofessional, it’s called drunk. One of the Home Button even jumped up.

  • Brendan Leahy

    This is the new definition of ugly.

    • yes

      only android can be this ugly! damn that battery status bar was gona make me hurl

  • Joe

    I think its a good idea , one bonus people get by jailbreaking , me included ipad 1 n iphone 3gs is personiles the divice ios 6 dose need a revamp … And battery life if terrible i had my iphone on ios 6 , 3 hours into it i downgraded

  • Pacomacman

    I much prefer the current interface and really dislike some of these ideas. Kind of reminds me of how Microsoft destroyed Windows behind our backs.