iOS 7 Concepts: Quick And Easy Access To Settings Toggles


With few months to go for the WWDC 2013, where Apple is widely expected to give us a preview of iOS 7, we’ve started seeing a slew of concepts by UI designers.

Lock Screen Drawer is a new concept created by Jean-Marc Denis, which gives you quick access to the Settings toggles on the Lock Screen.

Lock Screen Drawer concept

One of the gripes about iOS is the lack of a fast and easy way to access the Settings toggles from the Lock screen or from any app. If you have to change the settings from the Lock screen, you have to unlock your iPhone, launch the Settings app and navigate to the toggle to enable or disable it. If you’re using an app, you need to exit the app. It’s not an efficient way for something that can be enabled or disabled with a single tap (or swipe). It’s even more annoying if you’ve jailbroken your iPhone and used tweaks like SBSettings that have offered this functionality since early 2009.

UI designer Jean-Marc Denis has addressed this limitation at least from the Lock screen in his concept named “Lock Screen Drawer,” which would allow users to access toggles by swiping down on the clock in the Lock screen to reveal a drawer of toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlane and Hotspot.

I really liked it. It’s simple, Apple-esque and does the job. Ability to configure your preferred toggles and to scroll through them on the lock screen would be useful additions to the concept.

Via: Dribbble, HT: Joshua Tucker

iOS 7 Settings Concept:


YouTube user with the handle BlogB13 has created a similar concept, which would allow users to access toggles via the Notification Center so it can be accessed from the Home screen or from within any app. It’s similar to the IntelliScreenX’s quick Settings toggles feature. The look and feel is like the NCSettings tweak, but I like the idea of accessing them only when I want to enable or disable a setting. It doesn’t make sense for toggles to take up space in the Notification Center, which is meant for notifications.

One of the common problems most iOS concepts (including this one) seem to be addressing is the lack of quick and fast way to access the Settings app. Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t let us down and addresses this gripe in iOS 7.

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