iOS Concept: Enabling ‘Do Not Disturb’ Via Notification Center

One of my favorite iOS 6 features is the Do Not Disturb feature, which I’ve been using quite frequently.

Unfortunately, due the lack of SBSettings like feature that gives us quick access to frequently used toggles, you’ve to exit the current app and open the Settings app to enable and disable the ‘Do Not Disturb’ toggle.

This is quite painful if you enable or disable the feature manually rather than scheduling it (especially for meetings).

UI Designer – Sentry of the Auxo fame has recently published a new concept to address this issue by allowing users to enable or disable the Do Not Disturb feature via the Notification Center.

He explains:

At first, I looked at the Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion (which allows you to enable and disable a DND-like function via an on/off switch) and came up with this. However, I found it to be unintuitive to have a two step process when the original point was to make enabling DND less of a hassle. Inspired by Do Not Disturb’s status bar animation that presents the moon in an eclipse fashion, I came up with this;

As you pull downward, the circular moon dynamically animates and eclipses into a crescent moon icon; the Do Not Disturb symbol. Releasing when it becomes a crescent will enable DND.


The animation for Pull to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode is pretty cool. This solution also will gives users the ability to enable the feature from anywhere in the iOS without leaving the app we’re currently using by moving the toggle to Notification Center.

I hope someone from the iOS jailbreak community makes this concept a reality. Let me know what you think of the concept in the comments below.

Via: Sentry’s Dribbble page


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