Famous iOS Hacker pod2g Wants Apple To Open iOS For Tweaks And Themes


I really like the thinner and lighter iPhone 5 with the 4-inch display, but there have been many occasions when I’ve missed not being able to jailbreak it.

When jailbreak developers release new tweaks such as Auxo – an awesome replacement to the app switcher, which would have been perfect on iPhone 5’s taller 4-inch display, I miss jailbreaking even more.

Unfortunately, even though it has been more than three months since Apple launched iOS 6, there doesn’t seem to be any visibility on when the jailbreak for iOS 6 for the newer devices will be released.

Famous iOS hacker – Cyril aka pod2g who was the key member of the jailbreak dream team that released jailbreak tools such as Absinthe to jailbreak iOS 5.x.x and recently spoke about the iOS 6 jailbreak has called for Apple to open up iOS for tweaks and themes.

pod2g believes that the way Apple has released an iOS SDK that allows developers to develop apps and release them in the App Store, Apple should extend the SDK to allow developers to develop and submit tweaks and themes, which can be approved by Apple.

pod2g’s tweets generated so much interest that his #WeWantAnOpeniOS hashtag was one of the top trending topic on Twitter yesterdayFlawlessFox – the guy behind WorldWide Jailbreak Convention (WWJC) has also started a Twitter petition, which you should sign if you want Apple to open the iOS for tweaks and themes. The petition has already collected almost 5000 signatures at the time of writing this post.

Some folks are making the assumption that pod2g is calling for Apple to open up iOS as he has not been able to jailbreak iOS 6. That’s not true. pod2g has not been able to work on a jailbreak as he has been working on a new app, which he has recently submitted to the App Store (can’t wait to find out what it is all about).

pod2g is also not asking Apple to allow unsigned code as it could also result in piracy of apps, which has ended up giving jailbreaking a bad name. He wants Apple to allow tweaks and mods with the appropriate limitations and with the same kind of policing as it does for the apps on the App Store. He also points out that there are no technical limitations that should prevent Apple from making it possible.

While that may not fit the true definition of an open iOS, Apple could take the help of developers to take iOS to the next level just the way apps have helped them. It would not only make it less attractive for iOS users to jailbreak their device, it will also make it a lot easier for a much larger section of the user base to customize their iOS device.

We doubt Apple will ever open iOS to the extent that makes jailbreaking pointless, but allowing tweaks and mods would be more than enough for most of us. Apple desperately needs to re-imagine the iOS and taking the help of tweak and mod developers does seem like a good idea.

What do you think? Drop us a line in the comments and don’t forget to sign the petition by following this link.

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  • http://twitter.com/DarkBoy141 DarkBoy141

    they should open iOS is there a way that someone can harm iOS if they will open it?

    • david arnttzen

      afraid someone would sneak in something apple doesn`t like i presume:)

  • Jim, Jack, & Johnny

    Not trying to be rude, but want to point this sentence out before someone that is an *ssh*le says something…

    “At the time of writing this post, the petition has already collected almost 5000 signatures at the time of writing this post.”

    P.S. I don’t think apple will even ever allow this as much as I wish they would

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for pointing it out. It has been fixed.

  • dan

    As much I love the iDevices, I suggest that the jailbreak team open its doors and pay an equal attention to Samsung android devices. Maybe that will be enough to get Apple to understand that jailbreaking is more about making its devices work and look better than harm them.

  • iJailbreaker

    Open iOS for tweaks and I will no longer need to jailbreak my iPhone! I jailbreak so that my phone looks nothing like that other 5 trillion iPhones walking around in the world! If I can’t jailbreak my phone, eventually I’ll switch to Android.

  • david arnttzen

    i dont think apple will do that.but it would be nice if they did:).i mean..its my phone,tablet ipod ..isn’t it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/HaiHoang.TX Hai Hoang

    still put iphone lovers in jail(can’t jailbreak).my next phone is Android.

  • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

    This would also all but eliminate my main reason for jailbreaking.

    I LOVE my iPhone and would not consider another device, but I would LOVE themes and tweaks. And SBSettings.

  • Brice

    That could be an awesome upgrade for IOS 7! I dont see why apple hasn’t already made IOS open!

  • John dough

    Sounds like the Dev team and the likes are bringing out the white flag, guess if you can’t beat them join them or in his case beg for changes

  • Tora

    The only reason I jailbreak is to customise the look of my iPhone. I’ve wished that apple would allow themes in the app store for many years now. Maybe now that Jony Ive is part of the main team, things will change for the better. He is a world class designer after all :)

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    i don’t think, actually i see apple inc. having been behind the tweaks scene for ages and trying now to get tweaks and mods submitted with apple app store then holding copyright ownership for being the publisher and eventually now, start charging for tweaks and mods customization. (targeted to kids) it’s definitely a good strategy although not straight enough according to my perception and then making me look even more into getting linux installed on my macbook.marc



  • D4

    im a 4S user and i think when its time to move on ill be an androider :( dont ike saying it but after rooting my friends android phone and playing around with different devs roms i like how free and open it is, what i dont like is the malware out there for android and system clutter android systems have (even on some custom roms).

  • dan

    Its called android

    • moe22

      lol how? in anyway can you compare android…. its so unstable. please make stupid comparisons on a stupid person’s website (another website you should be on)

  • fabri25

    I switched from my iPhone 4 to a 4s and I really miss the jailbrake because I really love SB Settings and Activator. :(

  • iphonelover

    I have an iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and AppleTV and now I bought my first android and in learning stage :(

  • TachnerdRealist

    To be honest if apple was to do this there would be a possibility that they would only allow it on NEW DEVICES. Apple is a money sucking hog that is to greedy to stop, they will get every last cent you own if you would want something like this.

  • Adam Patterson

    I have the iphone 5 and the only reason ive ever bought any iphone was that i could jailbreak it and therefore customize it to my liking. Most people like having their stuff a certain way or have a personal look or appearance because it reflects who they are. Ill move to a galaxy next as they are starting to offer some good options with android. Who wants the same looking thing that so many others have.

  • LSDhillon

    I have already switched to note2 I m lovin it just do ANYTHING :-)

  • mundez

    pls i am a true loyalist for ios but really, without jailbreak my iPhone isnt is an ifone(totally) unenjoyable and i get that android is opening arms to ios runaways. android does make me jealous seeing that with a jailbreak they do 90% of wat an iPhone does. We’ve tasted jailbroken iphones so its kinda hard to go back to pure ios, i’m on the edge of getting an samsung or htc

  • Luciana Daré

    I only jailbreak for iBlacklist, something apple will never allow on the store. I don’t think apple will allow customization, even now under Tim Cook.