Amazing 3D Renderings Of iPad 5 With Thinner Bezel

Earlier today, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued a new research report where he has made his predictions on what Apple will launch in 2013.

He forecasts that the next generation iPad will be slimmer and lighter and adopt the thinner side bezels seen on the iPad mini

Designer Martin uit Utrecht, who created the 3D renderings of the iPhone 5 based on the leaked parts is back. He has created some amazing 3D renderings of what the 5th generation iPad will look like based on the rumors. He writes:

According to sources the design of the new iPad will follow the design language of the iPad mini.
This 3D model was based on the accurate model which I made of the iPad mini but keeping the same display size as the large iPad.

iPad 5 vs iPad 3/iPad 4 dimensions:
height: 4mm less
width: 17mm less
thickness: 2mm less

ipad5_martinhajek_8 ipad5_martinhajek_4 ipad5_martinhajek_7 ipad5_martinhajek_5 ipad5_martinhajek_6 ipad5_martinhajek_1 ipad5_martinhajek_2 ipad5_martinhajek_3


Click on the image above to see all the mockup images

Utrecht expects iPad 5 back casing to come with the same kind of anodized aluminum coating used in the 5th generation iPod touch and iPad mini, with the lightning connector and the iPad mini-like speaker grille.

HT: 9to5Mac

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  • Monkey

    JAUA … Just another useless article

  • Alan

    My biggest gripes of the iPad 4 is its heavy. If Apple can make it lighter with than finish then it would be just perfect.

    • Rounak Jain

      Pretty sure that’s what next on Apple’s card with the iPad 5. They’ve got CPU and GPU covered with the A6X, Retina display is awesome. Just that it’s bulky.

  • Russco

    Or u could go to a gym and get some arms to hold it! Try buying a mini if u think it’s too bulky

  • mkimid

    They do not understand the purpose of bezel

  • Nick

    If this is true the iPad will be simply amazing can’t wait

  • Drusenija

    I’ve always wondered about the people who produce these renderings of their concept of a prototype device. Are any of them engineers? Or are they just artists who like to make something look a certain way with no thought as to the actual internals (which arguably are more important that the casing) and the intended usage? The measurements for example – what are these based off? Is there any research that suggests reducing the width by 17mm would make for a more optimal iPad user experience?

  • jack

    Just a bad idea

  • Sebastian Rasch

    YES! Much better. That’s exactly how it should be. Could be even slightly thinner to the sides.