iPad mini Ship Dates Improve to 3–5 Days


Just a week ago iPad mini ship dates were up to two weeks for many Apple Stores. Today iPad mini ship dates in the US, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, and Mainland China are down to 3–5 days.

The iPad mini is still a hot device that Apple just can’t make enough of to meet demand. While a full-sized iPad 4 can be had right away, the mini is still 3–5 days out. Better than the one to two weeks we saw just a week ago, though.

I can’t imagine what kind of supply chain and manufacturing miracles that Apple must have had to pull off to make this happen, but…

Probably the only thing that could slow down iPad mini demand would be a rumor that a new one is coming in the first half of the year. Good thing all the rumors are it will be coming in the fall.

Via: Mac Rumors

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