iPads Outsold Surface RT Tablets 20 to 1 in Q4 2012


Microsoft needed a blockbuster hit with the Surface Tablet RT. Sad to say though, time and again sales estimates for the laplet (tab-book?) have been pushed down and down and down. Analysts first lowered Q4 2012 sales estimates to just 2 million, today, 1 million. To put that in perspective, Apple sold 20 iPads for each Surface Tablet.

It has to hurt when something you thought was going to buoy you into the Post PC Era is selling so poorly that even supporters like Samsung are taking a pass at releasing a Surface RT Tablet in the U.S..

Will the Surface Pro fair better? That has to be what Microsoft is wondering. With sales estimates like these, I’m betting we’re going to start seeing fire-sale clear outs of Surface Tablets just to get them in people’s hands. Remember when the HP TouchPad got the axe it flew off the shelves at its bargain price. Maybe that’s what Microsoft needs to do to boost install base numbers.

Heck, if the price is right, I’d consider picking on up, for no other reason than just to mess around with it.

There is one saving grace, teens supposedly think the Microsoft Surface is awesome. Pity teens don’t typically have $500+ to drop on a tablet. Betting that if left up to their parents, the safe bet is they’d get an iPad instead.

Via: Business Insider and TUAW.

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