The Places You’re Most Likely to Damage Your iPhone [Infographic]

Damage to iPhones is so common that there are lots of companies whose sole purpose is repairing iPhones (and other Apple products) damaged by their owners. You could drop your iPhone and shatter its front or back glass, you could spill your drink on the device or you could even drop it in the toilet. Lots of ways to kill your iPhone. Now, ever wonder where the most dangerous place for your iPhone is?

SquareTrade published a report highlighting the most common “iPhone accident” zones, based on data collected from their customers. As you’d expect, a little more than half of the iPhone accidents happen around the home, in areas ranging from the kitchen (21%) to the bathroom (16%). Some cases even include the owner dropping the iPhone in the toilet or accidentally putting the device in the washing machine.

SquareTrade summed up the data in this infographic:


Where has your iPhone met (or almost) met its end?

Via: BGR

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