iPhone Still Seeing Significant Demand From Buyers, Survey Says


As opposed to what a couple of reports released in the past week seem to suggest, data from ChangeWave says that the iPhone continues to enjoy strong demand amongst future smartphone buyers. This claim is based on 4,061 North American residents who took ChangeWave’s survey.

From the survey:

One-in-two North American respondents (50%) planning to buy a smart phone in the next 90 days say they’ll get an Apple iPhone. While that’s down from 71% in last quarter’s survey – conducted just as the iPhone 5 was being released – historically speaking it’s a solid showing for Apple.


This is in line with a report published earlier today that said demand for iPhone continues to be strong. While Apple’s interest figure is indeed down from the past quarter, commanding a 50 percent share (of interest) with such a narrow line of products is still no less of a feat. Besides, interest typically maximises right after a new launch and comes down later.

Samsung continues to enjoy a healthy, and more importantly growing demand, despite the Galaxy S3 releasing even before the iPhone 5.


iOS, again, topped smartphone satisfaction ratings, followed by Windows Phone and Android. Despite having a tiny marketshare, Windows Phone seems to be doing better than Android in this regard, which isn’t entirely surprising given the huge delays in delivering updates to users.


The most interesting stat in the entire survey, however, is the screen size smartphone buyers are most interested in buying:

phone display size

As evidenced by the high sales of the Galaxy Note 2, there’s a sizeable amount of demand for smartphones with screens beyond the 5” mark. Would Apple have to cave in, like it did with the iPad mini, and eventually have to address this market as well?

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