Report: 59% of iPhone Users Spent More Than $100 Per Month On Carrier Bills


This may not come as a big surprise to you. According to new data shared by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the average monthly carrier bill of an iPhone user is the highest in the smartphone market.

According to CIRP, 59% of the iPhone users spent more than $100 per month on their wireless plan and 10% spent more than $200. 

Android smartphone users aren’t far behind, 53% of the Android smartphone users spent more than $100 per month and 7% spent $200 or more.

CIRP co-founder Michael Levin has an explanation for why iPhone users are spending more:

We think it has to do with their data plans and carriers, rather than their usage habits. They are all on expensive data plans, unlike Android users, some of which are on prepaid or unsubsidized plans with regional carriers.

CIRP also notes that this doesn’t mean that carriers are making more money from iPhone users:

Given the subsidies on iPhones, the carriers are working hard to make their money back during the course of the contract,” said CIRP’s Josh Levitz. “With the exception of perhaps the hottest Android phones, we think the subsidies on Android phones are lower, so the carriers make more money even with slightly lower per-subscriber revenue.


CIRP also carried out a survey to find out the stickiness of various platforms and found iOS and Android are the stickiest by far. 88% of the iPhone activations were from prior iPhone users, whereas 64% of the Android device activations were from prior Android users. Not surprisingly, just 7% of the BlackBerry users and 8% of the Windows Phones users reported sticking with those operating systems. RIM probably has a chance to change that with the launch of BlackBerry 10 and new BlackBerry 10 based smartphones today. But Microsoft should be worried with those numbers and would be hoping the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 based smartphones would improve the stickiness of its platform.

Anyways coming back to carrier bills, which category do you fall under, “$25-$50 per month”, “$51-$100 per month”, “$101-200 per month” or “over $200 per month”?

Source: CIRP

Via: AllThingsD

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  • Rob

    I’m curious to know who uses more data. I seemed to use more data on my galaxy s3 then I do on my iPhone 5.

  • wolverinemarky

    im in the $51-$100 range and i usually use like 5gb of my unlimited data plan on my iphone 5

  • blu

    Technically my phone bill is $70/month for just my iPhone ($40 for 450 minutes and $30 for unlimited data, no texting) but my family plan total bill (my iPhone, wife’s iPhone with $15/200mb and mom’s dumb phone) is ~$96/month after my works 24% discount. Still under $100 either way.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    i can’t believe what i read, my expenditure on iphone for carrier bill is as low as 12-15$ and i have no 24 mnths contract yet. (i get 150mins national calls, 150txt and includes 2GB data allowance after which bandwidth gets a cut-down to 64Kbps for the rest of the month). i don’t even buy the story about the subsidies being expensive for i am expecting carriers to get a bulk price for iphones and i would think of them being stupid paying the full price in addition, iphone 5 isn’t a Apple , it’s a carriers project getting a license from Apple and getting the packaging as well as a display spot in a apple store or apple branded spot. marc

  • Kraken

    Really, 42% of people with basic phones spend over $100/month? What are they spending it on? Overages and ringtones?