Hack: Send a Text from iPhone to Start Your Car

Sms starer

Lots of people I know in colder, snowier places have remote starters for their cars. Press a button and your car starts up (and starts to warm up). Remote starters, however, have a limited range. What about if you could send a SMS to your car and start it up? That’s exactly what this hack does.

This hack requires a jailbroken device and a little skill with circuit boards, but the original author says he has it all working (as a prototype).

From Will O’Brien’s blog you’ll need:

 An old jailbroken iPhone, an Arduino, iphone breakout board (I used a PodBreakout Mini) 4x 10k resistors, 1x TIP120, a 5 volt switching supply cell charger (easier than building one), some wiring ability and a general understanding of unix/perl/arduino.

His post has all the details on how to make all this hack work.

What I think is most cool about this is that there isn’t much keeping car makers from including this functionality in cars. Sure, your car would need a phone number and some key safety controls, but hey it could work, right?

HT: Cult of Mac.

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