Hack: Send a Text from iPhone to Start Your Car

Sms starer

Lots of people I know in colder, snowier places have remote starters for their cars. Press a button and your car starts up (and starts to warm up). Remote starters, however, have a limited range. What about if you could send a SMS to your car and start it up? That’s exactly what this hack does.

This hack requires a jailbroken device and a little skill with circuit boards, but the original author says he has it all working (as a prototype).

From Will O’Brien’s blog you’ll need:

 An old jailbroken iPhone, an Arduino, iphone breakout board (I used a PodBreakout Mini) 4x 10k resistors, 1x TIP120, a 5 volt switching supply cell charger (easier than building one), some wiring ability and a general understanding of unix/perl/arduino.

His post has all the details on how to make all this hack work.

What I think is most cool about this is that there isn’t much keeping car makers from including this functionality in cars. Sure, your car would need a phone number and some key safety controls, but hey it could work, right?

HT: Cult of Mac.

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  • duhh

    i believe its called viper smart start

  • Lick my left nut

    Why call this a hack when can buy a product off the shelf that starts my car without building anything, try to n vent something that has not been done.

    • http://www.facebook.com/GWE89 Glenn Earnshaw

      It’s a mobile u send a txt from anywhere unlike a remote control that only works so far this would be a good feature for car makers think if your car got stolen you could remotely shut It down from anywhere before some one says that could be dangerous timed relay the car thief gets a 5 min warning

  • Todd Carpenter

    So, $10/month to keep an old phone on your plan just to start the car? It’s a cool hack, but not practical because of that small fact.

  • bagerkeon

    @9abf369a2d03d823f108f22fe5f84b15:disqus Are you serious?

  • sliddon

    really this has nothing to do with iphone as its been done years ago using any cheap phone to switch on pc xbox ect many ways to do it most simple is use the vcc from the speaker when you get a txt to send a signal to the pcb that turns whatever you want on

  • Wassim

    Dats silly…u can buy a cheap tracking device and install it in the car. U can start the car thru sms, switch off the car and much more