Letterpress Updated With Shake-to-Shuffle, New High-Contrast Theme, Replays in Safari or Chrome And More


Loren Brichter has just released a new version of his highly addictive word game Letterpress for the iPhone and iPad.

Letterpress 1.3 includes a shake-to-shuffle feature, a new high contrast theme, an ability to view replays directly in Safari or Chrome and few more improvements.

Brichter is one of the few developers whose release notes are fun to read, so find out what has changed in LetterPress 1.3 in Bricther’s words:

  • Shake-to-shuffle. Select some letters, then shake your phone. My wife told me to mention that she invented that. She also invented a dance to go with it (but that feature is just for me).
  • You can now choose to view replays directly in Safari (or Chrome if you swing that way).
  • Tap on empty spaces in the letter grid to wiggle the letter that came from that spot.
  • If you try to play a word when it’s not your turn, Letterpress will tell you if it’s invalid. Like proper nouns. And proper nouns. Those still aren’t allowed.
  • New high-contrast theme.
  • Tweaked icon.
  • Show the number of words played on the played words screen.
  • Spit, polish. 

If you haven’t played the game, then I would strongly recommend you to check it out, it’s free and highly addictive.

Download Link:

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