Liquipel 2.0 – Waterproofing Solution For iPhone Coming to Malls and Stores This Year


Lots of us have had our iDevices get dunked. From the simple to the stupid, it happens. Here in Vancouver, since it rains so much of the year (most of the fall, winter, and spring), it’s a little risky to take your phone out when you’re walking around. It doesn’t take long for the device to get pretty wet. Liquipel launched last year with their service to completely waterproof your iPhone with their nano process. At CES Liquipel 2.0 is out and it isn’t just better…it’s coming to a mall near you.

While you can still send your iPhone off to Liquipel for treatment, starting with the West Edmonton Mall over in Alberta, you’ll be able have the treatment done while you wait:

Liquipel states their new 2.0 is 100x more effective, although their first and original product was pretty impressive to begin with. In the end the result is a product that will be watersafe nearly for the entire lifetime of the device. The awesome news today however isn’t 2.0, it’s that this awesome process is coming to a mall nearest you later this year and throughout 2014. The first retail location West Edmonton Mall, will start treating devices like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III for $60 and will be located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Stay tuned for more details.
Via: SlashGear

Since Alberta isn’t that far away from me, maybe I’ll go visit the in-laws in Calgary and then saunter up to Edmonton.

Naw, I’m sure it will be in Vancouver in short order.

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