Free MAME Emulator for iOS Sneaks into the App Store, Download it While You Can

gridleeA free MAME emulator has managed managed to sneak in the App Store in the form of a retro game called Gridlee. The game was developed in 1982 but never released, until now, thanks to the developers of the game who gave permission to use its ROM for free, non-commercial use.

The ROM is able to run on iOS by way of the open source MAME4iOS project, which is a freely available MAME emulator for iPhone and iPad. Although the game was designed only to run the bundled Gridlee ROM, you can put in a few of your own ROMs through a tool like iExplorer and play all the MAME classics in your collection.

If you recall, a similar app, called iMAME, had released back in 2011. Just like Gridlee, iMAME was designed to run only a certain set of ROMs that came pre-installed with the app, but was open to the iExplorer “loophole.” It got pulled from the App Store within a couple of days.

Once this game catches Apple’s eye, it won’t last long on the App Store. So grab this app if you like playing retro games on your iOS devices. The underlying MAME4iOS emulator has a bunch of features like cheats, support for both the iPhone and the iPad, and compatibility with external controllers like iCade.

Download link:

➤ Gridlee – Free

Via: TouchArcade

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  • Dave

    Works like a charm!!!

  • JCT

    so to play other roms need to modify with iexplore which needs a jailbreak which if you have you can get this anyway so whats big deal

    • Steven M

      That was my first thought when reading this as well haha.

      • JPP

        A jailbreak is not required for iExplorer.

    • Drusenija

      As others have stated, iExplore is one of the few tools capable of reading the Documents and Library folders on an unjailbroken device. It’s not root filesystem access but is perfectly adequate for this.

  • Random name here

    Thanks, just got it

  • Fds

    Not available for the USA?