Man Who Robbed Steve Jobs’ House Sentenced to Seven Years


Kariem McFarlin was charged and pleaded no contest to a string of robberies in and around San Francisco, including breaking into Steve Jobs’ home and stealing several of Jobs’ personal items. McFarlin, most interestingly, was arrested last year when police were lead to his location through Find My iPhone activated on some items he had stolen from Jobs’ home.

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McFarlin, a former San Jose University football player who said he was homeless at the time of the robberies around the area, was sentenced to 7 years in prison, plus restitution to be paid to the families of his victims.

His plea of no contest to breaking into Jobs’ house, plus four others in the surrounding area, brings this chapter to an end. McFarlin stole computers, jewelry as well as Jobs’ wallet and drivers license in the break-in.

One that started when the devices stolen from Jobs’ home connected to the Internet and starting to “call home” to Apple. Police used data from Apple and AT&T to find, locate, and arrest McFarlin who lead police to a storage locker with more stolen items. In addition to computers, jewelry, and furniture, McFarlin also had a solid silver bar in his cache of stolen goods.

Via: Palo Alto Online

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