Memorial to Steve Jobs in St. Petersburg a Fitting Tribute in Tech

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A new memorial to Steve Job recently unveiled in St. Petersburg might make Steve smile at the clever tech employed in the design, function, and style.

Via TNW:

The black monument, which appears to be a bit larger than the average person, has a bright display on the front that helps the entire structure resemble Apple’s hugely popular smartphone. The screen offers a slideshow, with high-resolution photographs and videos which illustrate various moments in Jobs’ life, including some of his most well-known speeches as Apple CEO.

The project came from a competition to design the memorial:

It is understood that the Progress IT Fund held a competition last year in order to choose a designer and corresponding design for the memorial. After reviewing more than 200 submissions, Gleb Tarasov, a St. Petersburg local, was chosen for the monument design that he has called “Sunny QR Code.”

While I don’t have any plans to visit Russia in the future, if I ever do, I hope I can make the trip to St. Petersburg to see the memorial.

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