Here’s What Happens When You Microwave an iPhone 5


I thought we had gone through the torture after seeing the iPhone 5 being blended in the mixer and the iPhone 5 drop tests, but I was wrong.

A new YouTube video shows what happens to an iPhone 5 when it is put inside a microwave.

As Kenny Irwin who calls himself a professional Microwave operator has warned, don’t even think of trying this at home.

And if you thought this wasn’t disturbing enough, watch the videos of the iPhone 5 hammer drop and knife scratch test and iPhone 5 bullet test below.

Via: reddit

Source: Retrify

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  • surfin4hot

    iphone has metal or aluminum or whatever it is that is just so dangerous when placed inside a heated place with so much radiation. i wonder what it will look like if it was boiled or steamed and if the “put it in rice” solution will work right after.

  • applebear

    Now expecting a drop in Apple stock because of this

  • AT&T Rapes Me


  • moe22

    People who do the tests to destroy devices have honestly nothing better to do LOL. im glad you have the money to buy the iPhone but im sad that your so dumb you dont know how to keep the money.