More Details on iPhone 5S, iPad 5, and next iPad mini rumors


This morning we covered rumors about the iPad 5 and now iLounge has some tantalizing details on not just the iPad 5, but iPhone 5S and iPad mini (2?) as well.

Direct from iLounge here are some more tidbits to mull over:

(1) The iPhone 5S is still months away from mass production, but our source suspects that the star feature will be an upgraded rear camera—perhaps featuring Sony’s 13-Megapixel sensor, plus the aforementioned flash upgrade—along with a processor bump. Current prototypes are codenamed N51 and N53, with July mentioned as the target date.

(2) The iPad 5’s code name is J72. As mentioned before, it looks like an October release, give or take.

(3) The second-generation iPad mini has a code name of J85, and is currently planned for October, as well. Everyone we’ve spoken with assumes that it will look and feel basically the same as the first-generation model but feature a Retina screen. That said, no one has actually come up with deeper details on it quite yet. If it’s going to go Retina without substantial body changes, it will need a thin, dense screen (read: IGZO), and it remains to be seen whether there will be enough of those to go around this year.

Of all of these points, point 1 is 100% realistic and believable. With the iPhone becoming the point-n-shoot camera of choice for millions of people, bumping the camera from 8 to 13 megapixels is…awesome. Coming in July? Heck yeah. Not that folks who just bought the iPhone 5 on a subsidized two (or in Canada three) year contract will be jumping in line for the device, but I don’t think that will keep it from being a success.

On a retina iPad mini, if Apple can pull it all off keeping it thin, light, and with decent battery life that could be an out of the park success. All of us with first generation minis will be looking at it with a tinge of sadness. I’d also wager that if there is a Retina mini, the iPad 2 will finally be retired and we’ll see a full-sized iPad, non-retina iPad mini, and Retina iPad mini as Apple’s iPad line up. The iPad 2 was a great non-retina stop gap until the iPad mini was launched, now I don’t think Apple needs a non-Retina, full-sized iPad in the line up any more.

And the iPad 5…all plausible, just not exciting.

What’s your take? Timing right? Models on the mark? Let us know in the comments.

Via iLounge

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  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    Gearing up for the horde of “Apple is not innovating” haters.

    All I ask is this: I do agree that none of these are MAJOR innovations, with the exception of maybe the Retina Mini (assuming it stays as thin and light as the current model). However, what has (Insert your favorite Manufacturer/Model here) brought to the table that is any more significant?

    And no, for the love of God, an EVEN BIGGER display is NOT an innovation.

    • Eugene Sytnik

      give my iPhone Live Tiles from WP8 for the lock/main screen. And I do not want anything from Android, I have corporate SIII and I hate the thing with passion.

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        Even as a HUGE Apple “fanboy” (hate the term, but apparently that is what I am…) I am the first to admit that iOS needs an OVERHAUL.

        Yes, it works flawlessly. Yes, it’s reliable and stable. Yes, it’s simple to learn and use.

        BUT. IT. IS. BOOOOOORING. It’s stale. It’s been passed by in “cool factor” by Android and Windows.

        Do I want widgets? Not particularly. They drain the battery and eat data.

        Do I want “live tiles”? From what I have seen, they would be an option, but they don’t seem ideal.

        What I REALLY want is the ability to customize my user interface beyond changing my background photo. I’d like custom icon layouts, different backgrounds for folders, different backgrounds for each page on the springboard. If I have a page with only a few apps or folders, I’d like to make them bigger, lined up down the left side, each with a different color border so I can identify them at a glance.

        These are not GIGANTIC leaps in innovation, but they are the little things that would REALLY freshen iOS a lot.

        • Eugene Sytnik

          You’ve just described Live Tiles :) That’s what exactly is cool about them when I used Lumia Nokia 920 for a couple of weeks before giving it to my brother (since I bought it for him) and that’s the only thing that I liked about WP8.

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            Well there you have it. LOL!

          • Pacomacman

            Apple can’t just rip off live tiles now can they?

          • Eugene Sytnik

            Of course they can. Will they? that’s another question :)

  • Upgrayedd

    If they release an ipad mini with a retina display with a slight price drop of less that 300 ill bite but I am really hoping for internal upgrades especially the camera.

  • Siutiti Tumanuvao

    Lol, its the Iwatch that is coming out. I saw it at CES, it was pretty sick. There was also like a router looking thing that is also apple, idk what it was though. There is also one more thing, I also don’t know what it is. It was a three thing called Ihome or something.