Move Ideas from Paper to Functional Prototypes with Prototyping on Paper

No matter how good I am at drawing on my iPad (or iPhone), sometimes there is nothing like scribbling down ideas with pencil and paper. Maybe it’s an idea for a really cool new app or maybe a walkthrough a website or maybe just a series of ideas that flow together into a story or message. Now you have a bunch of drawings, how do you present them to people as a cohesive thing. Something people can interact with and understand? This is where POP (Prototyping on Paper) comes in. A new free app that looks like something app and web designers are going to be all over—taking sketches and connecting them into usable prototypes.

The process is pretty simple. Once you download the app (which is amazingly free, more on that in a moment), you create an account (I used the Facebook option for speed) and you’re ready. Well almost, you need a prototype first.

The process is something like this (from their app screenshots):


Draw something on paper (though you can import from the camera roll, so you could draw on screen, they recommend my fav Paper by Fifty-Three) and take a picture of it:

Mzl fvilamyg 320x480 75

And repeat until you have all the screens:

Mzl gbjxfymf 320x480 75

Then you link the drawings together:


Then share the design for others to comment on:


I would gather from this screen:


That you’ll be given some free projects to use (no indication if this is the number of projects you can create in the app or share from the app), I won 8 myself. Related to my post yesterday about free apps, POP has this to say on the “app is free” idea:

Why is it free?

We will not charge until it’s good enough.

Which I think is a good middle ground. Right now, they want to get users, fans, and feedback and when it’s good enough, charge for the app (heck I think it might be worth at least $1-2 already). Also it sounds like they will be following the in-app purchase for projects:

Will give away projects be free for life?

Yes they will always be free 🙂

Since you don’t have to worry about things being free for life if you aren’t ever going to charge for the service in the future.

All in all, this looks like a cool (and free) app that designers and developers might get a kick out of trying.

Via: Co.Design.

App Store Link: POP.