New Ad Pushes Samsung as the BYOD Choice for Work, Pokes Fun At iPhone And BlackBerry Owners


Samsung has a new ad out with a game company switching to BYOD (bring your own device) where, of course, everyone picks a Samsung device—except for a few holdouts.

As you’d expect Samsung pokes fun at Blackberry and iPhone owners in the commercial, but they gloss over a key issue (and the solution Samsung offers)—how to keep work and how separate on the same device.

Here’s the commericial:

So we have the “classic Blackberry business guy” who thinks only Blackberries are business-focused. An old one that I think can be retired now, with more and more businesses deploying smartphones to their employees (Apple or otherwise), this is a non issue.

More interesting is the woman with a system with a work and home device. Yes, Samsung and Android have solutions for this, but having separate devices isn’t a bad idea, in convenient, but not bad.

People who only want to carry one device (home and work), but want to keep them separate is already an issue people are facing. Apple hasn’t really addressed this issue yet (I know there are management systems that help, but…), but I hope they do. Whether it’s a user account system, which would be great for shared devices as well, so some other kind of home-work barrier, this is a feature iOS needs to be able to maintain its (growing) presence in the workplace.

And I don’t think unicorns should have glittery manes either.

HT: iClarified

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