Nexus 7 Beats Out the iPad as Most Popular Tablet in Japan


A recent survey by Japan’s BCN and published in the Nikkei pegs the market share of the Nexus 7 at 44.4% while the iPad came in just behind with 40.1%. According to the survey price was a big factor in the decision to buy a Nexus 7 over an iPad. But there’s an interesting wrinkle in the survey timing that might explain the drop in iPad marketshare.

Digital Trends reports the December survey came at an interesting time for iPad sales. While, sure, the iPad 4 is more that double the price of the Nexus 7, the iPad mini is pretty close. Could there have been something else tipping the scales towards the Nexus 7? Perhaps, not enough iPad minis to go around?

Also explored in the survey were the reasons consumers choose one device over the other. According o the data, one of the main reasons for choosing the Nexus 7 is the affordable price ($200, compared to $300 for the iPad Mini or $500 for the full-sized iPad). It is worth noting, however, that the iPad Mini was experiencing a stock shortage at the time of the survey. A supply shortage doesn’t negate consumers recognizing the Nexus 7 as a better deal, but it will certainly affect the number of units sold. That being said, take these figures with a little salt.

Via: Digital Trends

Certainly not to take anything away from the Nexus 7, by all accounts a great tablet, and if iPad minis were widely available the Nexus 7 might still have out sold the iPad mini, still as Digital Trends suggests we need to keep these data in perspective.

While the higher price of the iPad mini was one of the things critics initially complained about, that didn’t seem to dramatically affect sales.

Except maybe in Japan.

Over the next few months I’d expect to see more market share data come in for iDevices in general and it will be interesting to see how Apple devices match up in various countries and worldwide.


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  • Nexus all the way

    Why can’t you just accept the the nexus 7 is better than the iPad mini and stop coming out with all this “shortage” BS

    • Android lover

      I agree iPad mini is just an overpriced small iPad 2

    • Rounak Jain

      Sorry but the apps on the iPad are way better. They are better designed as well.

      So while I’d easily recommend a Nexus 7 for folks who use tablets primarily for websites and video, I’d still tell them to go for an iPad mini if they want to use their tablets for more than that.

  • hahaha

    You have no grounds on why nexus 7 is “better”. It outsells because it is cheaper, and people are cheap.

    • Nexus all the way

      Better screen
      Better size
      Better graffix (Tehran)
      More ram
      Better res
      Not held down by iTunes
      Don’t need to hack it to get the most out of it

      • Kevin Johansson

        u forgot

        Not so many optimized apps

        Apps that dont look as good even if they are optimized

        Not as easy to get tweaks on it as on the ipad with cydia (yeah i know, who cares if it takes some more time, well i do, i love cydia and xdadev is not a professional way of doing it)

        Not as big screen(especially the formfactor, which on the imini is perfect in my opinion, not for movies i know, but for the rest)

        Worse build quality

        And so on

        Btw: The reason why android apps suck is cause their sdk is junk!

        it doesnt really have to do with the different screensizes and so on, but the main problem is that the dev tools for android are worse then everything i ve seen so far…. so its not only the devs fault/ is not their fault at all….

        • nexus all the way

          The app store has been around longer and is way popular the Google play so yes there would be more app optimised for the iPad but remember also the the mini is not retina so all the apps that looked great on the iPad 2 will look just as good on the mini
          Cydia! Why can’t you just use apple products out the box and not have the jailbreak them?!

          • Kevin Johansson

            Well that’s true but what i meant is that modding stuff on ios with cydia is WAY easier and faster than on android.

          • nexus all the way

            But why do you need to mod it in the first place? Because apple has locked it down to do nothing but the basics hence the name “jailbreak”.

    • Android lover

      Nexus 7 is not cheap, there are cheaper ones. It’s just the iPad mini is over priced

    • barondebxl

      Awwwwwww youre butt hurt?

      • androd lover