Noble Nutlings is A Crazy Fun Game from Former Rovio Folks

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If you get an email that tells you about a game made by folks who used to be part of Rovio, you can’t help but want to check it out. Boomlagoon, made up of former Rovio people, launched their first game today called Noble Nutlings and, wow, it’s crazy fun and free to boot.

At first I thought, eh, another game. It’s free so I’ll pick it up and check it out later.

Which I did.

Then I figured I’d check out the press materials one more time, just to refresh my memory while sipping some coffee. Oh, look they have a YouTube video of the game play:

After watching the video, I put my coffee down, picked up my iPad mini, and played. First I had to see if the game play was as crazy fun as it looked (it is) and second I had to see if this was like Bad Piggies where you (essentially) push the cart off and let gravity do the work (it isn’t).

I only played a few levels, then I had to stop myself because I wanted to tell you about the game and I also knew I could loose a good chunk of time playing it.

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Here’s the deal. You have a cart with these squirrel/chipmunk critters. You accelerate with one button and have a limited amount of boost (the chili pepper icon) to get yourself moving. Then there is tilting. This is tricky (and what also makes the game fun), you have you can easily flip the cart if you tilt too much, but¬†you can also recover from a potential crash by titling the right direction at the right moment.

You noticed in the video, I hope, the thing with changing up the wheels. After a couple levels I was able to switch up my wheels (I went for a high-back, low-front set up), and from the looks of it, you can get pretty creative with your choices:

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Will this be a hit? No idea. Is it fun? Totally. I sent the link to a few friends and my kids and I’ll see what they have to say about it. In the meantime I think I’m going to try to get better at the whole tilt-boost thing for jumps.

Noble Nutlings in the App Store (iPhone and iPad).

Full Press Release.

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