PaperTab Bringing the End Of Paper Closer to Reality

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In an amazing effort from Plastic Logic, Intel, and Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario), we have a prototype tablet that is flexible, thin, and indestructible. While we look at our current crop of tablets with amazement (at least I do), this device could really change how we do things. How? Because these tablets all natively work together for simple tasks like email, document sharing, and reading.

We’ve seen flexible displays before. We’ve even seen devices that mimic real paper too. However, you haven’t ever seen a device, flexible or otherwise, like this before. Watch the video first:

Right. Freakin’ amazing. Granted, this device (right now it seems) requires the special desk to manage all the hotspots and PaperTabs scattered about, however…

The potential here is impressive. Even if we don’t ever see these particular devices, I think commercializing the technology for sharing and connecting devices would be a huge innovation for us. Imagine tapping your iPhone on your MacBook to get a document. Put a couple iPads together for a larger workspace.

While CES often focuses on tech that might seem ridiculous or superfluous to life, it’s nice to see innovations like this that could really improve how we work.

Via: Slashgear and Human Media Lab.

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  • Dicko

    The video doesn’t have anything to do with your post?..!

    • Tris Hussey

      Whoops! Copy-paste snafu I guess. Too many windows, too many keys…

      • Glenn Hunt II

        Pretty cool innovation.

  • Glenn Hunt II

    Cool video, but I think you uploaded the wrong one!

    • Tris Hussey

      Sorry, copy and paste fail. The correct video should appear now.

  • César Figueroa

    Nice cookoo wrist watch by the way!!

    • Tris Hussey

      True…the correct video is there now, however.

  • Lick my left nut

    Looks like a very slow cheap piece f crap, I mean why bother showing something with so many plugs in it and so slow and glitchy, backwards we go at a higher price no doubt.

  • Curtis Maggard

    displays, but what is powering them? That is clearly going to make the device thicker or not as flexible.

  • JCT

    samsung with there flex display need to get on this its truly the next thing not portable but workspace (samsung have flexible color screens)

  • Andy S

    “Imagine tapping your iPhone on your MacBook to get a document.”

    You mean like Android Beam (introduced 2011) or WP8 Tap + Send (2012) – don’t worry I’m sure Apple will add NFC in the next year or two… or three.